To all the skating enthusiasts out there it is of keen interest to know and own one of its kind skateboarding deck for their fun times.

As a fact, a deck is the most essential yet the major part of a skateboard as it is what begins the fun part. The growth in the number of skaters around the globe has changed a lot over the period of decades

There is a wide variety of skateboarding decks available in the market by companies like supreme skateboard diversified from old school skateboard decks to tech deck skateboards.

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Skaters can be seen riding decks with different themes such as the rick and Morty fellowship to Santa Cruz skateboards. Thanks to the world of options in the custom skateboard deck category.

There are a few things one should know about when in the skating world. Due to rapidly changing market trends, the offerings are changing simultaneously too. This helps in staying focused on the actual output one wants from their skating experience.

What are skateboard decks made of?

The most commonly used source for manufacturing skateboard decks is the maple wood. There are some new integrations in the making of these decks, the use of fiber another synthetic material have been started too. But on the contrary, the decks made of maple wood have the most market share and highly preferred also.

Maple wood is used due to its properties of being dense, which makes it durable. The average tree that is used for the production of a skateboard is 60 to 80 years old. Only the 2 to 8 meters of the bottom of these 30 meters trees are of the quality required to make a skateboard.

How to build skateboard decks?

In the modern world, there has been a drastic improvement in the quality of goods manufactured in the industries. Making a skateboard deck by yourself is not an expert’s task; all the raw materials needed are readily available at your nearest hardware store such as the maple wood pieces.

But the major part is durability and sustainability, which can’t be achieved if you decide to put a few layers of shaped plywood together with the glue. By the end of the read, you will have a handful of reasons to go for a factory-made deck instead of trying one by yourself.

How are skateboard decks made?

There are only two primary components of a skateboard deck, I.e., the maple wood pieces and the glue.

These thinly sliced wood pieces are joined together and pressed under controlled factors such as the humidity, temperature, and other factors that need to be an optimum level for the skateboard decks to turn out durable and up to the mark. It is usually a combination of 6 to 9 layers of the wood.

This is not just it, but these ready skateboard decks are processed to be shaped skateboard decks. Best skateboard decks being offered by companies like Powell Peralta decks are further put through quality checked and stored for the time being if needed until they are ready to be shipped off to customers for a durable skating experience.

There are companies like Enjoi gaining traction in the market despite their not so old existence. But the factors such as the pop sound and resistance to being cracked are on most skater’s thoughts. Despite the wear and tear that happens over time, there is an excellent role of quality during the manufacturing of skateboard decks.

What are the types of skateboard deck?

There are four kinds of skateboard decks designs radially available in the market. Each one of them has a difference that plays a vital role in the type of usage the skateboard deck will be going through. Vintage skateboard decks are usually selected on different criteria.

Standard skateboard decks:

This type is highly popular amongst the beginners and is readily available too under the flagship of many good companies such as element skateboard decks and other best skateboard deck brands since they work well for street skating, skate parks and almost all different styles of skateboarding.

These are usually used along with hard wheels; these skateboards resemble the shape of a popsicle stick because they feature both a nose and a tail that are exactly or nearly symmetrical.

Cruiser skateboard decks:

As the name suggests, this is another kind of skateboard mainly used to cruise aka traveling through the skateboard. It is comparatively more substantial in dimensions as offered by plan b skateboards and blind skateboards under the cruiser board category on their respective stores.

Cruiser boards usually offer a large variety of different shapes. Cruiser boards are usually provided along with soft skateboard wheels for a smoother, faster roll on rough surfaces. Compared to longboards, they are lighter and more agile, allowing you to make your way and weave through urban area troubles and tracks.

Long Boards:

Longboards were invented in Hawaii by surfers in the 50’s so they could practice when the waves were not cooperating. It is now one of the fastest-growing sports with its exposure from the X-Games. Not only are these longboards longer in dimensions to provide a roomier platform for the rider. But these also come with wheels of bigger diameter to ensure a smooth skating experience over the long distances.

The custom era:

There has been a significant increase in the number of skaters looking forward to owning something unique. A custom skateboard deck is something that represents not only their style but also speaks for their personality too. Due to this very reason now there are blank skateboard decks available in the market too.

Despite the millions of designs already offered in the market, it happens when one doesn’t like any of those since skateboard is considered to be a personal belonging, so people are willing to go lengths to turn their idea of having a specific themed skateboard deck into a reality.

There are quite a few things that could be one to a skateboard to customize it or to make it speaks on your behalf the way you want it to. 

How to make custom skateboard decks?

The customization is not just about having a different deck size that can be a 7.5” skateboard or a wider edition. It has come down to personalizing it like no one else probably would. It usually starts with a blank skateboard deck that is readily available in the market by leading brands which can further be converted into cool skateboard decks.

These blank skateboard decks are usually covered and layered with a vinyl that is available at the skate stores and online.

Numerous companies are giving the liberty to design a custom vinyl according to your liking and the idea in one’s mind. They just ask for the graphics and handle the rest of the printing and designing process on your behalf. Once the vinyl which is also called the skin of deck is ready and dispatched, the rest has to be done by the customer.

Using vinyl to cover the deck into the theme or art you want to be portraying is one of the processes that you can do it by yourself. But if you don’t have the kind of interest or already have a different thing in mind, there are other alternates too

Screen printing on the skateboard is also practiced around the world. For this process, it is recommended to get in touch with a professional and share the idea of what you want to be doing. Screen printing the custom skateboard allows more room for an experiment but at the same time requires more effort too.

Unlike the simple process of applying the custom made vinyl onto your custom deck, screen printing requires proper equipment and paints too. This is because you first need to design everything on the screen with the right colors before applying it over to the skateboard. For screen printing, one has to either visit a professional screen printer who is willing to work on a custom skateboard deck or have to pre-order a deck from those offering screen printing.

On the other hand, vinyl is an easy put on the process that you can do to your old skateboarding decks too. This is also more cost-friendly as it not only saves the cost of buying a new deck from the entity offering printing facility, but an excellent lasting vinyl can be ordered for as low as $15 from a reputable supplier.

The best part is you can save further costs by opting for stores like independent trucks that offer a different range of stickers for the skateboard decks. These help you add something special to your ordinary deck while at the same time it leaves room for further customization too as your collection of these stickers grow, and your deck eventually turns out to be your storyteller along the way.

All the discussion above was meant to enlighten our readers with some basics happenings and doings of the skating world. This will help you stay ahead in the constantly changing trends of the skaters and help you decide what your next move should be.


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