Ten Toes Longboard Review & Buying Guide

Ten toes longboard is different from the other skateboards and based on different requirements. Now, they are becoming popular day by day as it is very handy for people.

All of the products of the ten toes longboard are of high quality and equipped with different features. There are many high-class companies that are manufacturing ten toes longboards.

In this article, I will discuss three amazing top products of ten toes longboard with all the details of the particular product.

Also, I will discuss the buying guide which will help you a lot before purchasing the longboard. So before purchasing the ten toes longboard, you will see all the features, advantages, and downsides in a very detailed manner. Ten toes longboards are widely famous among people who love sliding.

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Most amazingly, you will get a full top to bottom examination of the products and credibility from the best source.

What makes the ten toes better than others?

Firstly, there are some basic things and features of this longboard that make it superior to the others. If we do a close examination of the longboard then it is the perfect combination of all the features with the help of which you can do different stunts, skills, and tricks.

Moreover, it comes with sturdy manufacturing so we can call them solid longboards with a high-quality Canadian maple wood deck.

Consequently, it also comes with an amazing picture appearance so that the user is attracted to its purchase. They are also handy longboards with unlimited color selection.

Ten toes longboard

The thing I like the most about ten toes longboards is that they are affordable so that everyone can buy them.

It is also the perfect longboard for beginners and with the passage of time, they become professional by using this high-quality longboard with amazing grip and polyurethane wheels.

These longboards also come with amazing grip tape so that you can have high control and grip on the longboard during a ride and perform amazing tricks.

1. Retrospec zed bamboo longboard

First of all, the longboard is famous for its classic shape which is also helpful for improving the balance. It has fine corners with precision which gives you an accurate speed.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

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You can go with great speed because of the 70mm wheels and a superior grip. The good thing about this longboard is that the wheels are of high quality and long-lasting.

You have to do certain kinds of training while riding on this board. The deck of the longboard is also durable with an amazing grip. The trucks are also effective and lightweight which gives you reactive and smooth gliding.

Weight of Retrospec zed bamboo longboard:

The weight of the Retrospec zed bamboo longboard is 8 pounds. So it is a lightweight skateboard where you can do a variety of tricks easily.

Dimensions/space required:

  • 44. 1 x 9. 4 x 5. 1 inch

Warranty of Retrospec zed bamboo longboard:

It comes with a limited 5 years warranty.


Firstly, the deck of the longboard is made up of eight-ply Canadian maple and sustainable bamboo. We can call it a high-quality deck which is a combination of strength and flexibility.

Wheels of Retrospec zed bamboo longboard:

The wheels of this longboard are polyurethane wheels which are also shock absorbent. The size of the wheels is 70 mm as well as it is equipped with a rock finish for superior grip. You can easily ride on this longboard because of the wheel to eliminate grip.


Most amazingly, the trucks of the skateboard are made up of high-quality aluminum. Also, the tracks are lightweight because it is of aluminum construction.

The bearing of Retrospec zed bamboo longboard:

Retrospec zed bamboo longboard has high speed and an accurate longboard because of the ABEC 7 bearings. These are ideal for high speed and extreme running accuracy. Most amazingly, you can now go for any adventure because of its high-quality bearings.


Pro & Cons of Retrospec zed bamboo longboard


  • Good for long-distance
  • Has an amazing grip tape
  • Wheels are of high quality
  • An affordable longboard
  • The weight capacity of this longboard is great


  • Wheels create more friction

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2. Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard

First of all, the Retrospec longboard gives you the high performance and speed of high quality and is made up of Canadian maple wood.

It has the ability to give you smooth gliding and perform amazing tricks. You can also go for a long distance with the help of this longboard and it also comes with the slant reverse 180 mm kingpin trucks. But don’t forget to use the longboard’s gloves before sliding.

Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard

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The longboard also comes with less pushing and longer roll. Also, it comes with a high rebound bushing and also has extra gravity and abrasive grip tape.

Overall it is an excellent longboard with durable wheels and popular among sliding longboards. It has the ability to give you a smooth ride with secure gripping of feet as well as keeping the center of gravity low.

Weight of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard:

The weight of the Retrospec tidal is 8. 4 pounds. So it is light with a longboard which can give you a smooth ride.

Dimensions/space required:

108 x 27. 9 x 14 cm


Furthermore, this longboard comes with an unlimited 2 years warranty.


Most of all, the deck of this longboard is flexible, as it comes with 8 layers of authentic Canadian maple wood.

Wheels of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard

The wheels of the longboard are of high quality as it has a durable 70 x 51mm, 85A polyurethane wheel. The wheels are solid which gives you a stable and smooth ride. The grip tape of the longboard is good so that the rider will not fall during the ride.

Trucks :

Moreover, the trucks of the longboard are also good because they are strong enough. We can also call them strong casting trucks.

The bearing of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard:

If we talk about the bearings of this longboard then it comes with the precise ABEC 9 bearings so that you would have less pushing and longer roll.

Moreover, it also comes with the high rebound bushings which increase the stability of the longboard.


Pros & Cons of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard


  • Grip tape is good
  • Less pushing because of ABEC 9 bearing
  • Lightweight  longboard
  • Give you a smooth ride


  • The bushings are not very good

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3.Retrospec rift drop-through longboard

The Retrospec rift drop is an amazing longboard with excellent controls and good speed. It is a durable longboard with more agility so that you can also travel along the hills and do different types of tricks. The Retrospec have almost all the features which Arbor Longboard does have.

It comes with a true shape so that you can have the extra balance and improve the push power. Moreover, you do not have the risk of wheel bite during the ride.

Along with all these things, it also has the capacity to give the ride with a low center of gravity so that you do not feel heavy while riding.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard 

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Most amazingly, your feet are also secure because of the amazing grip tape. So overall, it is a perfect longboard with unsurpassed stability and control so that you can reach the highest speed as well as control it effectively.

The people who are interested to go for the high-speed longboard can purchase this one as it comes with the high speed they want.


Most surprisingly the weight of the Retrospec drift drop-through longboard is only 2. 2 pounds. So it is a very lightweight skateboard that people usually dream of. So if you are also interested in this light with a longbow then you can purchase this.

Dimensions / space required:

41 x 9. 5 inches

Warranty of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard:

This longboard comes with a five years limited warranty. However, if we talk about the return policy then it gives you 50 days of the return policy. So if you have any problems with the longboard then you can return it within  50 days.

Deck of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard:

The deck of this longboard is solid and sturdy as it is made up of 8 plies Canadian maple wood. It is actually a vertically laminated Canadian maple. Now, you can do different types of tricks by knowing that it is able to handle any kind of truck as it is the sturdy one.


Now, you can have amazing grapes and can stay grounded because of the high-quality wheels. Also, it comes with a fully covered deck where the wheels are durable. The size of the wheels is 70 x 50 mm and it is 78-inch polyurethane wheels.


Most excitingly, now you can do amazing gliding because this longboard comes with reactive and smooth gliding reverse with 180mm kingpin trucks.

The bearing of Retrospec tidal 41-inch drop-down longboard:

Along with the king trucks, it comes with the precise ABEC 9 bearings so that you can have less pushing a longer and faster roll.

The longboard is also equipped with an 80AB grip tape. Along with all these things, you will get extra control over your balance and ride.


Pro & Cons of Retrospec rift drop-through longboard


  • High-speed longboard
  • High quality and smooth ride
  • Gives you a good gripping
  • Very lightweight


  • Wheels are not of good quality

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Buying guide for purchasing  ten toes longboard

First of all, you must take into account certain factors while purchasing a Ten Toes Longboard.

Picture perfect appearance:

This thing also makes me attracted to two ten toes longboards because it comes with an amazing look and appealing pictures.

You can see and choose from the countless color selection of these longboards. So we can call it the fashionable and trendy longboards in this modern world.

Handy longboards:

These are handy longboards as well as lightweight so that you can perform amazing tricks and perform different stunts according to your wish.

The longboard must be lightweight and if we talk about the ten toes longboards then these are the lighter ones to have the amazing trip and control.

Wheel of ten toes longboard:

The wheels of the longboard must be of high quality and sturdy. If you want to get a high-quality longboard then you must go for polyurethane wheels.

Affordable price:

The price of the longboard must be affordable. Most of the ten toes longboard come at reasonable prices so that everyone can purchase it. Even beginners can also purchase this longboard and can start to learn different skills and stunts with the longboard.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard 

Flawless construction:

You must go for that longboard which comes with flawless construction. Moreover, many ten toes longboards are designed by world-class longboard designers. These longboards have flawless construction.

Along with all these things, you should look for three major things in the construction which are cool vintage appearance, colorful designs, as well as kingpin trucks.

In fact, we can say that it is the most trustworthy and reliable longboard with the help of which you can do different types of tricks and drugs. Lastly, you can show your skills according to your choice because a ten toes longboard comes with amazing control and grip.

The last thing which makes the ten toes longboard superior to others is that it is made up of environment-friendly material which is durable and of high quality.

Q 1:How can we adjust the leaning angle of the longboard? 

Ans: We can easily adjust the leaning angle of the longboard by tightening or loosening the trucks with either a socket wrench or skate tool.

Q 2: Are the ten toes longboard good for child beginners? 

Ans: Yes, you can use this longboard for child beginners as it has enough length and good style. So it is suitable for use of any age and size. However, as you are using it for the child, it is better to keep them safe by using the safety gear.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Q 3:What is the maximum weight this longboard can take?

Ans: The maximum weight capacity that this longboard can hold is 250 pounds at a time.

Q 4: Is the ten toes longboard suitable for a person of 5 feet in height? 

Ans: Yes, the person with 5 feet height can easily ride on this longboard as it does not make a great difference. If that person feels comfortable with it then he can use it easily. However, if he is not feeling comfortable then he can go for a shorter longboard.

Conclusion for Ten Toes longboard

Ten toes longboard is good for the riders with many advantages. However, the first thing is that it can easily satisfy the riders.

The good thing is a versatile and flexible skateboard where you can do different types of tracks. You can also go for long distances at a high speed.

Additionally, it will give you a smooth ride especially for beginners and people who are looking for simple user-friendly skateboards. In this article, you have learned three top quality ten toes longboards, from which you can choose according to your choice.

From my point of view, a Retrospec zed bamboo longboard is an excellent skateboard as it comes with good ratings.

Moreover, it has a high quality 8 ply maple wood deck as well as gives you the smooth-riding during the ride.

However, if you want to go for a very lightweight longboard then you can choose the Retrospec Rift drop-through longboard.