Longboard vs Cruiser | What’s the Difference?

There are different types of boards in the skateboard world. Some people have a standard board with the kicktail on one end and a pointed end on the other end.

If we talk about longboards, then they are considered to be the most extended version of skateboards.

Longboards are 4-wheel boards that are not mainly street skateboards. On the other side skateboard is the symmetrical, popsicle-shaped deck. We all know very well that longboards are usually bigger in size than skateboards.

The decks are more extensive as well as wheels. Trucks are also bigger, and when everything is bigger, it will give you a stable and comfortable ride. 

On the other side, Cruisers are generally optimized for cruising. We can also call cruisers mini longboards or mini cruisers, referring to a shorter board. So we can say that longboards are usually longer and more extensive than the mini cruiser.

You should keep in mind that a cruiser is smaller in size than a street skateboard. Also, the wheels and deck of the cruiser and longboard are different. Now we will go deeper into the difference between cruiser and longboard.

What is a longboard?

Whenever we think about the longboard, it is larger than ordinary boards. We can also say that a longboard is a kind of skateboard but in another category.

The Cruiser board is also a kind of a longboard but a little smaller in shape. Cruiser boards are used for regular movements on the road. The good thing about longboards is that it comes with some health benefits.

what is longboard

It is to note that cruisers are not able to handle the hustle and bustle of hilly roads. Cruiser boards are called Cruisers because they are made in the shape of the cruiser.

It is a common assumption that any board which is larger than 36 inches is considered a longboard.

With the invention of different types of longboards, different categories have been created. For example, there are many popular types of longboards, such as cruising longboard, downhill longboard, freestyle longboard, etc. All these longboards come with different purposes and use.

Usually, the wheels of the longboards are pretty soft. Additionally, the trucks are also made in a unique shape. This particular shape is made to take sharp turns while riding on the longboard.

What is a Cruiser board

Suppose you are more intended to perform different types of tricks and stunts, then the Cruiser board is not made for you.

The reason is that the Cruiser board is specially designed by keeping in mind the general comfort of the user.

what is cruiserboard

So it is interesting to know the Cruiser board is a type of longboard that is a little smaller in size.

Cruiser boards are ideal for going within the city and streets. Most surprisingly, Cruiser boards are specially designed for commuting and navigating the streets.

  • Mini Cruisers:

Usually, the smaller plastic boards are called mini cruisers. For the learning of the child, mini cruisers are most commonly used.

So kids can quickly learn cruising and skateboarding through these mini cruisers. Some beginners also use this type of cruiser as a hobby.

All the Cruiser boards are perfect for commuting and navigating in the streets, but one disadvantage is that you cannot do other things with cruiser boards, such as Downhill riding.

  • The wheel size of the Cruiser board:

Usually, the wheel size of the Cruiser board ranges from 55 to 65 millimeters. It means that it is impossible to put so much weight on top of such boards.

  • Weight of the Cruiser boards:

Usually, cruiser boards are very lightweight because they are made up of lightweight materials.

As many people are using Cruiser boards for commuting, they take this board with them. For example, students take the Cruiser board with them in school.

For carrying these cruiser boards, different backpacks are also available in the market, which is readily available and affordable. 

Longboard vs Cruiser boards Differences

Here we will discuss in detail how longboards are different from cruisers in terms of riding styles.

  • Cruiser riding:

The purpose of having a Cruiser category on the longboarding market is that it simply fulfills the need between a street skateboard and a full-size longboard.

Many skateboarders want to skate for daily commuting and casual city cruising. As it is difficult to commute in crowded and congested city streets and sidewalks, Cruiser longboards are ideal than heavy and bulky longer longboards.

If you know very well about skateboarding, you know how uncomfortable and slow these boards are. These boards are uncomfortable because of the strong vibrations and have smaller wheels as well as stiff decks.

Longboard vs Cruiser boards Differences

Many cruisers are portable and like a skateboard, but ultimately you will get the riding comfort on a full-size longboard.

The comfort level is always greater on the longboard because of the larger wheels than on the street board. They also come in a more comfortable shape.

  • City transport versus distance travel:

The primary purpose of using a cruiser is to cover short-distance transportation. You can quickly move through the city or navigate around things through cruisers.

These are very small in size as well as light in weight and easy to carry around everywhere.

You can easily store it in the office, in the restaurant, or in a store. You can even take your Cruiser board with you on a plane.

On the other side, full-size longboards are bulkier and heavier. They are famous for giving you a famous and smooth ride over longer distances and at higher speeds.

They can easily gain speed due to their enormous size and weight. Longboards are always a good choice for riding downhill. They also come with a larger turning radius and give you wider turns than the Cruisers.

  • Deck size:

The main differentiating factor between cruisers and longboards is the deck size. The cruiser deck usually ranges from 28 inches to 38 inches, and its weight is less than 8.5 inches.

Deck size

On the other side, longboard cruisers have deck size ranging from 36 inches to 42 inches. Also, the width of the longboard usually ranges from 8.5 inches to 10 inches.

At higher speeds, if we talk about flipping, the cruisers are less stable than full-size longboards.

This is why cruisers are unstable at higher speeds due to the short wheelbase combined with loose trucks. However, on the other side, longboards are much more stable at higher speeds due to their long wheelbase.

If we talk about flex, then cruisers are very helpful in making comfortable flex. Cruisers also help with carving and have stiffer decks to allow for more pop when using the kicks.

Longboard vs Cruiser: Shape

Cruisers usually come in a board that has an asymmetrical shape. They also have a squared or rounded square tail in the back.

The front of the cruiser is usually in the shape of a pointy-ish nose. Cruisers typically have a kicktail to perform different kinds of kick tricks and pop over small cracks.

Longboard vs Cruiser Shape difference

If we talk about the full-size longboard, then it comes in different shapes.

However, the most common shape of a longboard is a pintail shape or symmetrical cut-out shape.

Most surprisingly, you can also do freestyle or dancing tricks with the help of longboards that have kicktail.

Longboard vs Cruiser Shape

The tricks performed by the longboard are not as same as the tricks performed by small cruisers.

  • Wheel flares:

A cruiser usually comes up with wheel flares and a narrower nose. Wheel bites are reduced by doing this. For easy-going through the streets and navigating, cruiser trucks are usually loosened for faster turns.

  • Loser trucks are essential for tight carving, especially through small spaces. If we talk about longboards, whether the drop-through longboard or top mount longboard, wheel clearance is very important and varies quite a lot.

On the other side, longboards are specially made for distance pushing where the primary intention is riding fast and far on straight roads.

Longboards, sometimes, are not used for carving or turning, so they have more limited wheel clearance.

However, some longboards are specially made for pumping and carving. Larger wheels can be used to avoid wheel bite. So wheel bites can be compensated with the help of wheel cut-outs and deep flares.

  • Longboard versus Cruiser: Truck mount:

The truck mount is very much important as it greatly affects the comfort of the ride.

How the trucks are mounted on the board is directly related to how a person feels while riding. Mostly, the mini cruisers are top-mounted because the trucks are bolted underneath the deck.

In this type of mount, the board is at much the height of the ground. Ultimately, the rider feels hard to push on. Therefore your kicking foot has to cover more distance to reach the ground.

tips to select best deck

As a result, your standing knee has to be bent more. So when the cruiser is top-mounted means that it is less stable at speed. At higher speeds, this type of cruiser is unstable because of the higher center of gravity.

Because of the top mount and smaller wheels, cruisers are specially designed for riding short distances.

However, on the other side, longboards are especially well-suited for long-distance skating. Therefore, we can say that cruisers are not the best choice, especially when thinking of going downhill.

Keep in mind that full-size longboards can be dropped through longboards or pintail longboards. The manufacturers create the traverses through holes on the deck to allow trucks to pass.

It is to note that drop through longboard is more stable at downhill speed than the pintail longboard. On the other side, the pintail longboard is challenging to push for long distances.

  1. Longboard versus Cruiser: Trucks:

We all know very well that in mini cruisers, traditional kingpin trucks are present. Mini cruisers have the same street skateboard-type trucks. In longboards, typical reverse kingpin trucks are present.

However, in mini cruisers, typical kingpin trucks are specially designed to go for small foot movements. So cruisers are the boards with kicks riding at low speed.

Traditional kingpin trucks give you more drive than rivers kingpin trucks. So when you start turning on a longboard, the board will start turning dramatically. But with time, it turns more slowly when you go on.

width of skateboard

Traditional kingpin trucks present in the cruiser board are usually smaller than the reverse kingpin trucks of the longboard.

So on a Cruiser, it is easier to push than a longboard because it partially offsets the ride height caused by the top mount design.

Besides wheelbase length, reverse kingpin trucks always give longboards more stability at higher speeds. Usually, the longboard responds deeper and slower than the cruisers.

Keep in mind that the truck size on a mini-cruiser varies. In some mini cruisers, the truck size is 105 mm.

So this type of cruiser is very reactive and fast running but not very much stable. We know very well that the stability will increase with the bigger trucks.

Skatebord Riding Style

Some Cruisers have reverse kingpin trucks of either 150 mm or 180 mm, similar to a regular longboard. Due to this difference in the sizes of trucks, the rider also feels so much different while riding on these two particular boards.

  • Longboard versus cruiser: wheels:

The wheels of the cruisers are smaller than the wheels of the longboard. Usually, the size of the wheels of the longboard ranges from 55 to 65 mm.

Keep this thing in mind if the wheels are bigger and the trucks are smaller, there is a wheel bite.

If we compare the wheel size of the cruisers and the street skateboard, then the cruiser wheels are usually more extensive than the wheels of the skateboard. The wheel size of the cruiser is around 50 mm.

Size of the trucks

Most surprisingly, the wheels of the cruisers are usually softer, with durometers between 78A and 82A. Softer wheels are perfect for cruising because they help absorb shocks, particularly on uneven terrain. They will therefore give you better traction when carving.

However, you can find many riders who usually prefer slightly harder wheels that are slidable and move faster on smooth surfaces with less friction.

Urethane quality plays a vital role regarding wheels. Many high-quality wheels give you a good balance between smoothness, sliding ability, and rolling speed when riding a mini-cruiser.

Alternatively, the wheels of the longboard are bigger, starting at 70 mm. Some bigger longboards have a wheel size of even 85mm that giving enough wheel clearance. The boards which have 85mm size wheels usually have a board length of 40 inches or longer.

Length and width of the skateboard

Longboards with big decks are in high demand. In these big longboards, the wheels are also bigger and roll faster. Therefore longboards can get to higher speeds.

Just like the Mini cruisers, many longboards are also fit for cruising. You can get better traction and cushion on rough terrain with the help of softer wheels. You should know very well that in freestyling and freeriding, harder wheels are necessary for sliding.

Skateboard vs Cruiser vs Longboard; What’s the Difference?

Here are some differences between skateboard, cruiser, and longboard.

  • There is a difference in the wheel size of all the boards. Skateboards have wheel size ranges between 50 mm and 60 mm. Longboards have a 60 mm and above wheel size, whereas the cruiser has a wheel size ranging between 50 mm and 65  mm. 
  • Cruisers are used for short distances and longboards for long distances and going downhills. However, skateboards are confined to technical tricks.
  • The length of the skateboard is usually between 30 and 32 inches, whereas the longboards have a length of 36 inches and above. On the other side, cruisers are generally 25 to 37 inches long.
  • Skateboards are usually stiffer, whereas longboards are flexible.
  • The cruisers and longboards have softer wheels.
  • Each board, including cruisers, longboards, and skateboards, comes in a different shape.
  • With the help of cruisers and longboards, you can ride rough surfaces.
  • In longboards, inverted trucks are present. 

Which one is a better longboard or the cruiser?

We cannot say that longboards are better or cruisers are better because every board is designed for a particular purpose.

So it is harder to compare them. Longboards come up with greater speed and are specially designed for traveling greater distances without soaking yourself in sweat.

Deck size

Many longboards have extreme speed, whereas others will give you long, relaxing rides. Nowadays, cruising and longboarding are the lifestyles where many people are using them to perform different tricks and commute.

Keep in mind that cruisers come in the category between skateboards and longboards. Some cruisers are very good at performing a couple of tricks but are limited.

However, they still give you a comfortable ride while not worrying about rough surfaces.

You can easily carry your cruiser and put it in your backpack. Cruisers are therefore fantastic for short distances.

Skateboards, on the other side, are specially made for performing tricks and doing technical stuff. They are not so much made for cruising unless you modify them.

Similarities between Longboard, Skateboard and cruiser

All types of boards are great fun to ride. Every board is made for different purposes.

Whether you are using a longboard or a Cruiser, it is more fun to ride with friends than to ride alone. So we can say that longboards and cruisers have similar components, although constructions and materials may vary.

Similarities between Longboard, Skateboard and cruiser

Skateboards are used for performing tricks; therefore, it needs trucks that should be stronger and stay in one piece.

With the help of a skateboard, you perform jumping and other grinding curves. From a technical point of view, the basics are the same to ride on any board.

However, if we talk about longboards, then the positioning of the feet is different due to the board’s shape.

The quality of any board matters a lot as you have to put your whole weight on it.

The reason is that longboards, skateboards, and cruisers must be of high quality and made up of high-quality components to get the most of it. If cheap materials are used in the construction, then the board will wear down fastly.


Is a Cruise longboard good for beginners?

Yes, a cruiser longboard is fantastic for beginners. As a beginner, you can go for kick tale Cruiser. The deck of this cruiser is stable and nice without much flexibility.

So it is easier and safer to ride on this cruiser. The wheels are also soft and nice for extra grip, whereas turning is also super even on rough roads. 

When buying a longboard, what should you look for?

To select the right longboard for you, you must consider something such as:

  • Flex
  • Length and wheelbase
  • Deck style
  • Deck shape
  • Trucks
  • Bearings
  • Wheels
  • Construction

Do you need to wear a helmet while longboarding?

Yes, although it is your personal choice, it is necessary to wear a helmet. The helmet will always save your head from any kind of accident while longboarding. So you should wear a helmet while downsizing or free riding.

Can you do tricks on a cruiser board?

Many cruiser boards come with a kicktail. This is the part of the cruiser with which you can perform tricks. This is not always the case because cruisers are not specialized in doing tricks, just like the skateboard.


Differentiations exist between the cruiser and the longboard. You have come to know all types of differences in detail in this post. From the first look, we have seen that the longboard is a little longer than the cruiser.

So when you are thinking of going through hilly roads and winding roads, you must choose a longboard. And for daily commuting through the streets of the city, you must go for a cruiser. The reason is that it is challenging to commute to the city on the longboard.

Cruiser boards are much lighter and thinner; therefore, they are very easy to carry around.

However, on the other side, the longboards are heavier and harder to carry than the Cruiser boards.

This article may make it easier to differentiate between a longboard and a cruiser board. Now it’s your choice, which one you want, whether for daily commuting or going downhill.