How to Lace Skate Shoes

It’s a fun and challenging activity to skateboard. But if the shoelaces are improperly laced, then it can cause unnecessary accidents. To prevent laces from getting caught in skateboards or breaking, skaters should lace their skate shoes differently than regular tennis shoes.

How to lace skater shoes is a question that is often asked. If you are not properly equipped, skateboarding can be dangerous. For example, you have not laced up your shoelace correctly. How will it turn out? You will not get a proper sense of balance, which can cause you to fall or get injured.

Skate shoelace requires different ties, and that’s the most important thing. If you don’t know how to lace skateboard shoes, follow the instructions below. Keeping your skateboarding shoes tied up properly will help minimize the risk of injury.

How to lace skateboarding shoes?

People are very passionate about learning and mastering the skills of skateboarding. However, it is a fun activity usually attached with risks. Falls and injuries are examples of these risks. A significant portion of these slips and falls can be attributed to loose or improperly tied shoelaces. To avoid lace brakes or get their laces tangled in the skate, boarders should regularly tie their laces down.

What is the purpose of lacing?

Our first task is to learn the reasons why it is essential to tie your skate shoes correctly.

  • Safety

First of all, it is for the sake of safety. In addition to preventing unraveling, it is also beneficial to fit in shoes that do not fall out. Sometimes, the shoelaces are too long, and you have to even them out so that they won’t get in your way.

When skateboarding, they are easily tangled. The most severe case is when the rider loses control.

  • Appearance

Next, we have a good reason for the appearance. There is no force behind this reason. The classic style, however, is enjoyed by a few skaters. It is more common for them to equip their equipment in the same style.

The shoes with laces can help your outfit look a bit more refined because of the delicacy they can add.

  • A Perfect Fit

The laces are very helpful in keeping your shoes fit to your feet. Also, proper lacing ensures the longevity of the shoes and laces. So good lacing is essential to hold the laces from getting torn up.

Skate shoes rarely have shoelaces that drag. Their design allows the laces to be kept at a certain distance from the ground.

How to lace skateboard shoes?

Generally, there are four ways to lace your skate shoes. Through all these ways, you can quickly learn how to lace skater shoes.

  • Straight lacing or bar lacing
  • Straight lacing is considered to be the most common lacing style adopted by people.
  • In this method, the laces get wind around the shoes in the form of strips. In this lacing, one bar is stretched out between the holes.
  • Through the holes, the lace is stretched out except for two holes. Therefore, these holes are positioned at the top of the shoes, where you have to tie the ends together.
  • This is the best style of lacing the skate shoes that provides you with more comfort. The reason is that you do not have to use it in creating a tight fit on your feet.
  • You can lace up your shoes in this manner by placing the end of the lace through the outlet of the top of the shoes.
  • Then take the left side of the lace and pull it up on the next eyelet. This eyelet is located on the left side of the shoes.
  • After that, pull the lace on the right side and pass the hole located on the right.
  • In the next step, to pass across the island, you need to drag the lace on the left side.
  • Push the lace downwards and pass through the eyelet.
  • On the right side, repeat the same process and move across to the left. This is to make sure that both bars are rightly placed on each other.
  • After that, make the same pattern upward. When you get to the last eyelet, push the two eyelets together and allow the thread to pass through.
  • You will need to tie a knot or process behind the tongue of the shoe for the final step. Again, this is to ensure that the lace is out of the way.
  • Crisscross lacing
  • Crisscross lacing is a two-step process. This style of lacing is commonly used for lacing up skate shoes.
  • Starting with the shoe eyelets is an excellent place to start. Try pulling the lace across the next eyelet below to reach the top of the shoes. Eyelets are located on the other side of the shoe.
  • When you reach the final eyelet (above), tie the lace behind the tong of the shoe. Then, again, trim the excess that can cause you to trip off the ground.
  • Zipper Lacing
  • Typically, people go for zipper lacing if they want a different feel than the other two methods described above.
  • Zipper lacing is a simple method and in it, usually lacing starts from the knot. The knot is present at the end of the lace and creates an anchor.
  • The upper eyelet of the lower lace must be threaded when you are lacing this way.
  • At the bottom of the shoe eyelets is the lower eyelet, which moves up. First, make sure the knot is secure by pulling the lace. Be sure to place the lace under the eyelet while doing this.
  • The loose end of the lacing is now used to straighten across, similarly to the straight lacing method.
  • After dragging the lace to the bottom, allow it to cross the eyelet position. Then go straight back to the other side and move up again across the other eyelet.
  • You will then need to move straight across. Then repeat the process with the other end of the shoelace.
  • As soon as you reach the position, pull the lace downward across the last eyelet. Tie it, and ensure it rests beneath the eyelet.
  • Army Lacing
  • If your toe is close to the eyelet, use that eyelet. First, lace your shoe eyelets down to the bottom.
  • Then, put it through the other side and down the other left eyelet to make a straight line between them.
  • Do the same for the second pair of eyelets and the other part of the eyelet. Your shoelace should go through the left eyelet. Shoelaces will pass through another eyelet.
  • It will be found on the right side of your shoe if they are pulled from the right part of your shoe.
  • When this step is performed correctly, it will result in a horizontal line along the bottom side of the eyelets. This is because it emerges from the eyelet below and then goes to the eyelet above at the same time.

Different Ways To Lace Skateboard Shoes(Lacing Techniques)

How do you lace Nike skate shoes?

Nike skate shoes can be laced in many different ways. However, we will discuss only two styles here.

Style number 1

  • Many skaters usually adopt this style as it is straightforward to set up when you complete the cross-over to the fifth of 6 outlets.
  • Across your body and underneath the tongue, tie your laces
  • After that, put the lace tips into the inside of the shoe.
  • Then you have to knot the laces inside the shoe.

Style number 2

  • If you are not comfortably knotting the laces inside the shoes, you can adopt this style.
  • In this style, you can knot the laces on the outside of the shoe.
  • First of all, you have to take your laces across the up and out of the 6th eyelid.
  • After that, you can easily tie the laces according to your preference.

How to tie Skate Shoes without a Bow?

  • It is to conclude that Skating shoes without a bow are straightforward. Several skateboarders usually lace the skate shoes without a bow. This method is useful as well as effective in the prevention of injuries.
  • We will help you in learning how to optimize your laces for better performance.
  • The first step is to tie the shoe by ensuring that the lace is inserted through the final loop going down.
  • Continue the process by putting two ends of the laces crossing the others. Then you have to take out the laces. After that, you have to put the right lace over the left and the left over the right.
  • Then you will tie the two single knots at the shoe toe. While considering the knotting length, you can easily adjust it according to your requirement.
  • Finally, you have to tie the shoelaces tied under the shoe tongue and show the laces in the front. But keep in mind the length of the laces should be small so that it would not get into your toe.

How to lace vans?

You have to make two loops, knot, and pull to tie Van’s shoelaces. Now it’s very easy for you to achieve the look like your outfit through these laces.

Let’s have a look at different types of lace vans.

Cross Lace Vans

  • The most common way to lace vans is cross lace vans. It is also called the default method of vans. This is because you can quickly wear it after taking it out of the box and go to the street.
  • First of all, you have to start from outside to inside by threading two ends of the shoelaces through the islets.
  • Continually thread your shoe from outside to inside. By grasping the right end and threading it over to the opposite end, you can do it.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the left lace.
  • Make sure you reach your shoe top by following that process.

Zipper Lace Vans

  • It is an effective and useful method for those people who have to decide whether to use cross lace vans or bar lace Vans. An example of this is the zipper lace.
  • From the finishing knots to the length, this is a flexible option you can wear your way.
  • The first step is to knot one end of the lace and anchor it.
  • Next, thread the rest end through the right eyelet (bottom position) from inside to outside.
  • Your lace should be loose enough to pass through the eyelet in the opposite position. For example, consider the bar lace method.
  • Next, thread that loose end through the other hole above.
  • At this step, you feel like you are pulled through. Let’s move directly to the other hole now.
  • Continue to thread the lace through the opposite holes above until the end.

Bar Lace Vans or Straight Lace Vans

  • Bar lace vans are simple to tie skate shoes. The good thing is that the straight lace vans give you a more refined look.
  • It will help you keep the shoes on your feet all day long if you use the bar lace method. So, how should I lace my skate shoes?
  • Let’s tie a double knot at the end of your lace.
  • It would help if you chose an eyelet row to start with at the bottom of your shoes. Then, through the eyelet, thread one rest end of the lace from inside to out.
  • To end the lace, pull it via the right side.
  • It’s the opposite shoe eyelet next. Move the lace there and follow the inside-out method again.
  • Continue by threading the lace through the top eyelet and onto the bottom one.
  • Repeat the same process to thread the lace via the opposite eyelet.


Skating shoes are specially designed by keeping in mind all the features to sustain too much pressure. They are manufactured in a unique way to withstand any weather condition. Also, the inside of the skating shoes is well made to provide enough comfort to your feet.

Along with skateboarding, you can also use these shoes anywhere you want to look stylish. But you will not get the best comfort and performance if you do not know how to lace the skate shoes properly.

In this post, you will get a clear and detailed idea about how to lace skateboarding shoes. Now continue to skate by tying the skate laces as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lace shoes over or under?

For creating the straight bar, the shoelaces must go over the shoes. Now, you have to take the right shoelace, and thread it through the left eyelet. Take the left shoelace, and thread it through the right eyelet. Keep in mind that the laces should be knotted behind the facing and remain unseen.
Now start the same process as you would when making a cross lace. But the method is different because instead of going up to the next set of eyelets and over the top, you have to go under.
In the next step, take the laces over the top up to the next set of islets. Keep on changing in this pattern until you get to the top.

Is there a specific way to lace vans?

Through the bottom right eyelet, thread the unknotted end of the lace. Thread the same end downwards through the smallest eyelet on the left bottom. Lace is threaded upwards through the bottom-right eyelet by bringing it under and across. Continue tying your shoe until it is completely laced.