Best Electric Skateboards Under $500 to buy in 2020

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500 {Best In 2020}

Buying the best electric skateboard under 500$ shows your love and interest in skateboarding.

Well, buying the best electric skateboard that is favorable you or for your loved ones is a little difficult that has great features.

To be honest with you, I know you can never make a compromise over $500.

Are there good electric skateboard under $500?

Can I get an awesome electric skateboard which has many features along with great durability?

Questions like these and many others came into mind when you are going to spend 500 dollars on buying an electric skateboard.

So, I study for you some best electric skateboard under dollar 500 so that you can easily make an easy decision before buying an electric skateboard.

Sr No.NameSpecification
1Maxfind Max Electric Skateboard1.Super Fast
2.Long battery
3.Two riding modes.
2Maxfind 38'' Electric Skateboard1.harging time: 60 minutes.
2.Motor power: 600W.
3.Battery: 2.2Ah
3BLITZART Huracane1.Replaceable tires.
2.350W motor.
3.Maple wooden deck.4.
Two riding modes.
4Foldable Electric Skateboard1.High Performance
3.Water Proof
5Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard1.Battery time: 2 hours.
2.Weight: 5KG.
3.Top Speed: 10KM4.
Shock Absorbing Wheels

There are many companies producing skateboards but they are only doing trade between money and fewer quality skateboards.

I know when you are going to spend near dollar 500 you will be very careful before buying an electric skateboard.

So let’s jump into exploring best electric skateboard under 500$.

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So here I have written detailed features and pieces of information of each skateboard for you.

1.Maxfind Max Electric Skateboard

Believe me, Maxfind Max is the best electric skateboard which you can buy near 500$. Maxfind Max comes with Single & dual motors so that you can easily adjust speed as per your need.Maxfind Max 2

In fact, when Maxfind is fully charged it can fly up to 16.2 miles without any charging problem with the speed of 23mph.

check this out, Your Maxfind have 2 riding modes i.e slow and fast and you can easily control the speed with riding modes even with zero experience.

Big news: In summary, the replaceable decks, motors, batteries, and motherboard minimize the Maintainance cost.

Above all, with the super speed of 23mph, you can even climb the hill area without any speed reduction.

Features :

  • Super Fast
  • Long battery
  • Two riding modes.
  • Dual motor.


2.Large in Size

3.Light weight


1.Not in multiple colors.

2.Maxfind 38” Electric Skateboard

You will amazed to see Maxfind again.well Maxfind has produced lot of quality electric skateboards.

Maxfind 38 inch Electric Skateboard

In brief with 600W motor, Maxfind beast is ideal electric skateboard under 500$.

Listen, Maxfind 38″ has low speed as compared to our first black Maxfind electric skateboard. It has a maximum of 18.6mph speed.

Fast fact, Maxfind max 38″ has the advantage of its longboard which other electric skateboards didn’t have.

Sadly, Maxfind 38″ has a lower range of 8 miles as compared to our first Maxfind 2. However, it has the great advantage of its size over other skateboards.

Look, Maxfind 38″ has great acceleration with the speed if 18.6mph. That’s why it can climb 25% grade with its top speed and ease.

Moreover, when we talk about durability we can not find stronger than Maxfind. In conclusion, the 8 layers of maple wooden made deck give extra flexibility and sturdiness this electric skateboard.

Afterward, to be honest with you you can go up to 8 miles with 2.2Ah battery.

Features :

  • Max speed 30 km but depend upon rider’s weight and road situation.
  • charging time: 60 minutes.
  • Motor power: 600W.
  • Deck made from 8 layers of maple wood.
  • Battery: 2.2Ah
  • Wireless remote material: ABS
  • Remote battery: 450mah.
  • Remote controller charging time: 60 minutes.

1.Long Board.

2.Maple wooded made decks

3.Light weight

  1. Not very fast.
  2. Short-range.

3.BLITZART Huracane

Do you want to fly with your electric skateboard with the speed of 17mph with style then Blitzart Huracane is specially made for you. It is stylish and beautiful skateboard that make you prominent among other skaters.


Do you know? The Blizart Huracane is a well-known skateboard producing company. That’s why it is famous due to its wide range of electric skateboards.

Thereafter here I am going to talk about Blizart Huracane 38″ e-board which you can buy under 500$.

So lets quickly jump into Blizart’s awesome features. 

Our selected Blizart comes with 38″ longboard and we can ride over it with the speed of 17mph.

Moreover, it can take you 6-8 miles when it is fully charged. You can fly in the street with style by holding its remote in hand.

just imagine about its ergonomic remote controller which is easy to grip while flying. Therefore you can easily control the speed of your electric skateboard. You can also control the riding mode with the remote controller from beginner to advance level.

Usually, the Blizart remote controller comes wrist strap which helps to prevent dropping of the remote controller while flying your electric skateboard.

This is not the end, the deck of the BLIZART Huracane is made of 7 layers of maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo on the bottom of your board. Moreover, the deck is gripped with tape to keep the rider firm on the board. That’s why the deck can bear up to 250lbs weight easily.


  • Fully charged within 3 hours.
  • Replaceable tires.
  • 350W motor.
  • Maple wooden deck.
  • Two riding modes.
  1. Great speed
  2. Ergonomic Wireless Remote
  3. Sturidiness Deck
  4. Hub Motor
  1. Take 3 Hours to fully charged.

4.Foldable Electric Skateboard

Are you looking for an completely awesome electric skateboard under 500$?

Are you dreaming for an electric skateboard that can be foldable?

Many a time you dreamed for an electric skateboard which can fly over the speed of 22mph?

Ever talk about your friends with a skateboard having led lights and Bluetooth speakers?

If yes, then our foldable electric skateboard is really made for you.


fold able electric skateboard

The beautiful foldable electric skateboard with the speed of 22mph can carry you 15 miles far when fully charged. Therefore there is no need to worry about its battery performance.

Ther amazing 34 inches longboard,11 inches wise board gave a wide range for the rider to fly the skateboard with style.

Simply press the button and your skateboard will be folded and its become easier to carry it in your backpack.

Powerful Motor: The 90 MM powerful motor gave an easy climb to 20°slope. Moreover, three riding modes gave extra facility while climbing to the slope.

Riding modes:  Three riding modes can be easily shift using a remote controller. Thus it has a top speed of 22mph, medium and average speed modes helps you to easily control the skateboard.

Powerful Battery: Just imagine about 2900mAh replaceable battery which charged fully within 3 hours and ranges to 25/km long. Moreover, the USB phone charging port at skateboard makes you feel free from your phone’s low power.

Water Proof: IPX5 waterproof component and nonslip surface make it an awesome beast when its raining. Now you will not worried about your skateboard even flying in rain.

zinc body: Another awesome feature is it has a zinc body and strong deck which can easily bear up to 220-pound weight easily.

LED lights: The bottom is brightened with beautiful LED lights which make it more stylish than other skateboards.

Features :

  • High Performance
  • Foldable
  • Water Proof
  1. Power long lasting Battery
  2. Long Board
  3. High Speed
  1. Not Recommended for Children.

5.Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard Longboard

The Miageek is the best choise if you are going to buy an electric skateboard under 500$. With 12mph top speed you can travel safely whereever you wants.

In particular, the 7 layers Maple Deck make it stronger than other E-skateboards. 

Miageek Youth Electric Skateboard

The best thing about Miaggeek is its shock-absorbing wheels which make it comfortable and you will not feel tired even after hours of riding. We know when we have to travel for hours on our electric skateboard we for tired soon. But the shock-absorbing wheel will not let you tired.

Moreover, the shock-absorbing wheel will let you beat other skaters in racing. Similarly, with shock-absorbing wheels, you can easily control your E-skateboard even after a high jump. Also, shock-absorbing wheels will not hurt your feet after a high jump.

Your loving remote controller also comes with Miageek Skateboard. The remote controller has light indicators which let you know the battery indicator of your electric skateboard. subsequently, you can easily check your skateboard battery level.


  • color: Orange, Red, Black.
  • Battery time: 2 hours.
  • Weight: 5KG.
  • Top Speed: 10KM
  • Shock Absorbing Wheels
  • Remote Controller
  1. 250w Motor
  2. Weight Bear Capacity = 130 KG
  3. Shock Absorbing Wheels
  4. Mapple Deck
  1. Available only in 3 colors.
  2. Recommened 8+ age.

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