Difference Between Bike helmet & Skateboard Helmet?

Skateboard helmets usually use softer foam that gets compressed when hit and then restores to its original state. They typically meet the ASTM F1492 standard.

Bikes helmets are designed to get a much higher impact, but that is for once. They usually have rigid foam that absorbs the shock of impact from the hit and then permanently deforms.

They are Federal CPSC certified. They are not supposed to survive crashes as they sacrifice themselves and saves you by shattering themselves into pieces.

Bike helmets are single-impact helmets. Once they get a severe impact, they must be replaced as the ESP foam inside the helmet is compressed, reducing the compression capability. If it remains in one piece and is used again, you expose yourself to danger and vulnerability. It would not be able to provide the same level of safety. The bike helmet does not need to be replaced if it gets hit mildly. It can resist minor impacts.

Another difference is ventilation. Bike helmets provide much more ventilation than skate helmets. The bike helmets are more covered from the front and backside, as the biker has more chances of falling on the back.

Bike helmets are designed to be aerodynamic. As the bike moves faster than the skateboard, air resistance comes into action; to reduce that, bike helmets need to be more aerodynamic. A person does not move that fast in skate helmets so that the air resistance can be ignored.

If you think of using a skateboard helmet for biking or vice versa, that would not be a good idea. A Skateboard helmet does not cover the backside of the head adequately, and also it has softer foam that would not be able to withstand the impact resulting in severe head injury. On the other hand, bike helmets are heavier, hot, and less comfortable. You would not want to wear them for a more extended time while on the skateboard.

Some of the main differences between skateboard helmets and bike helmets.

  • The bike helmets are heavier than the skateboard helmet.
  • Bike Helmets don’t have as much visibility as skateboard helmet provides.
  • The bike helmets don’t have the very best ventilation system as compared to the skateboard helmet.
  • Skateboard helmets come in a lot of designs.
  • Skateboard helmets are washable.
  • The size of the skateboard helmet is adjustable while the bike helmet size can not be adjusted.
  • Bike helmets are full-faced which are not recommended for skating.