4 Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards in 2022

The electric skateboard must be waterproof because waterproofing is a big deal for vehicles powered by a battery.

So electric skateboards must need protection against the elements as well as the moisture.

With time, the skateboard-producing companies keep on bringing improvements in skateboard quality and functionalities. 

Now we have a Special all-terrain skateboard, freestyle skateboards, sliding skateboard, and now waterproof skateboard.

If your electric skateboard is waterproof, you can take it anywhere you want, whatever the weather will be. You can take it during rain or humid environmental conditions.

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The first thing you consider is that waterproof electric skateboards are much more good than water-resistant electric skateboards.Table could not be displayed.

The waterproof electric skateboards are designed so that the longboard battery, electronics, and remote get complete protection against the intrusions of water.

Keep this thing in mind that the water and your electric skateboard are also protected from dust if it is waterproof.

If your skateboard is waterproof, it does not mean that you can take it out all day. It would be best if you protected it from the rain.

But if accidentally your electric skateboard comes in contact with water, then the skateboard is protected. This is because it is waterproof, and all the materials are sealed.

This article will discuss four amazing waterproof electric skateboards from which you can choose according to your choice and convenience.

Water-resistant vs. Water-proof?

Water-resistant means that water does not enter into the skateboard quickly. If you take your skateboard in the puddle or submerge, some water might enter the skateboard.

Hub motors are water-resistant, but if they get a wet environment, water enters them.

Waterproof electric skateboards mean that when you take in the rainy season or even if it is submerge in water, not a single drop enters into it.

However, 100% waterproof electric skateboards are not manufacture until now, but the manufacturers are close to waterproof.

Things need to know about skating in wet weather

There are the following things to keep in mind while riding a skateboard or longboard during rain.

Types of decks which are waterproof:

As we all know, many decks are made of wood, and we should keep this thing in mind that the decks made up of wood are not water-resistant.

Many companies seal wooden decks with varnishes, paints, or honey wax, but still, the water gets in them, and they start becoming weaker.

Maxfind Max 2 Four Wheel Electric Skateboard 

However, many companies have started producing 100% waterproof decks.

Usually, the material from which they are made is Carbon fiber, plastic, and fiberglass.

These materials have waterproof characteristics, and water cannot enter the electric skateboard even in the rain.

Bearings of the electric skateboard:

First of all, the board should be water-resistant, but unfortunately, some other skateboard parts are not water-resistant.

The leading example is bearings because they are more prone to rusting after being in the rain for a while. When you take it out in the rain, and after you come home, you should properly clean them and dry them.

This will prevent the building from rusting. Along with proper cleaning, you can also spin them a few times to avoid rust formation.

If your bearings get rusted, then you can buy high-quality aftermarket ceramic bearings that do not rust and work well in the rain. infoapp

Trucks of skateboard:

Usually, the trucks of the electric skateboard are constructed from steel and will not rust. So the wheels of the skateboard do not need any maintenance. However, the nuts and bolts will rust, so you must clean them and wipe them down in a week or two.

It is highly recommended that water not be entered into the electronics because if it happens, it will affect the working of the electric skateboard.

However, if this happens, you must tape it up and use glue to seal it. As we all know, when the skateboard comes in contact with the water, it will shorten its working life and spoil the electronics.

The wood of the deck also becomes soggy. It is highly recommend by the manufacturers that you must not skate through any deep puddles.

Are skateboards really waterproof?

Usually, the skateboard is not a hundred percent waterproof. However, if a skateboard claims to be waterproof, you should consider that electronic wiring and circuit boards are protected.

However, the water-resistant electric skateboard is based on the ratings. These ratings decide on how good the electronics are at resisting or repairing the water damage.

Not all water-resistant electric skateboards have the same characteristics. Moreover, it makes a big difference whether your skateboard is submerged in the puddle or accidentally fell into the water or pond.

IP of skateboard:

You have seen many electric skateboards with details such as ip65, IP 52, ip56, etc. I P stands for “Ingress Protection,” and it will inquire about how your skateboard is protected, such as screws, nails, and dust.

The ratings start from 0 to 6, where six means it has dust-tight protection. But here, our primary focus is towards waterproofing power electric skateboards, so here IP means protecting the skateboard against water and other liquids.

How can I make my electric skateboard waterproof on my own? (DIY)

First of all, our primary focus is on purchasing a truly waterproof electric skateboard. If, unfortunately, you have purchased the water-resistant electric skateboard, which is not up to the mark, you can make your skateboard waterproof on your own. There are many options for it.

  • First of all, you can use the waterproof sealants, and if you have any crack on your battery, then you can use that waterproof sealant there.
  • Secondly, you can also use waterproofing glue to seal your electric skateboard.
  • The third option is you can replace the stock foam underneath the battery with closed-cell neoprene foam.
  • Keep this thing in mind that neoprene foam is very strong and 100% waterproof. Now, you are a hundred percent sure that your battery is fully protect and is perfect for preventing any leakage into your battery.
  • The fourth option is to separate the electric skateboard with corrosion. When you spray the corrosionX on the electronic parts of your electric skateboard, you are actually making the whole skateboard waterproof. This is also a good approach to waterproofing your electric skateboard.

So let’s quickly jump into details of all the Waterproof Skateboards

1. Maxfind Max 2 Four Wheel Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Max 2 Four Wheel Electric Skateboard is a very portable and waterproof electric skateboard. It is build up of glass fiber and PP composite. The good thing about this skateboard is that it is only 5.5 kg in weight.

So it is ergonomic as well as portable, and you can take it anywhere you want. If you talk about its build quality, then it is made up of high-quality materials.

Moreover, you can hold it with only one hand. In addition to all these things, the skateboard gives you the smooth and exceptional ride you want. 

Maxfind Max 2 Four Wheel Electric Skateboard 

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Consequently, it has a unibody design with all the components used in construction. You can use this skateboard for short travels because it comes with incredible speed and range.

The skateboard has a maximum speed of 28 kilometers per hour, whereas its full range is 22 km. This skateboard is robust and sturdy so that you can take it anywhere you want. Maxfind Max 2 Dual hub Electric skateboard review


You can also choose this skateboard to give as a gift to your loved ones or friends. Moreover, you can provide the skateboard at any celebration or birthday.

If we talk about the skateboard’s warranty, it comes with a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects. So if you have any problem with the skateboard within six months, you can talk to the manufacturers.

If you look at the skateboard’s certificate, it comes with IP 65, so it is a fantastic skateboard that is fully waterproof.

Maxfind moves very smoothly.Somewhat, costly skateboard
Great performance, power, and durability.
Comes with the full six months warranty.
Also good for heavier riders

2. Mfnyp Electric Skateboard

Mfnyp Electric Skateboard is another waterproof Electric Skateboard that gives you a fast response because it is ergonomic and has a wireless remote so you can control the speed with comfort and ease.

The manufacturers also provide customer service. So if you have any questions regarding the skateboard, they can answer them and solve the problem with strict quality inspection.

Mfnyp Electric Skateboard

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Most amazingly, it comes with a diamond-cutting design that can inspire you greatly.

This diamond cutting design is inspire by the Cadillac diamond cutting design. This design makes it lightweight with sharp edges and textured panels.

The good thing I like about this electric skateboard is that it comes with a replaceable motor tire. Best OFF-ROAD Electric Skateboard $500 – Boosted Board Killer?

It comes with a redesigned assembly structure so that you can make its maintenance. So its maintenance is easier because of the assembly design of the skateboard.

Not only is it good for adults but also suitable for beginners. It fits everyone and is safe to ride. So people of any level can use this electric skateboard.

It is a fully waterproof electric skateboard because water cannot enter its electric board and screen.

Good material constructionNo cons
High efficiency
Comfortable and convenient ride
Bluetooth remote

3. Skateboard Grip Tape Waterproof Sheet

Firstly, this is a fantastic grip tape, which is a waterproof sheet. It also comes with a tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time.

Consequently, it gives you the wild card to fit most razors such as electric, gas, lucky, Microfine, Adult scooters, and skateboards. 

Usually, some skateboard tape leaves bubbles while using, but this is an amazing one because it is bubble-free when you apply it.

This grip tape comes with hundreds of perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application.

The grip tape is of high strength quality, as well as time-proof. Additionally, it is 1.5 mm thick and gives you an exclusive silicon carbide great binding process for grip.

Usually, people demand the grip tape, which will never wear off, and this is the perfect one with excellent grip quality.

It is made of super sticky adhesive material that will not peel off even in extreme heat and cold weather. Moreover, it is the best grip tape design for scooters, skateboard Riders of all levels.

Skateboard Grip Tape water proof Sheet

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When you use this grip tape, you increase the performance to show better tricks and more excellent safety.

Moreover, its packaging is so great that it is one by one role by hand to prevent creases. So the manufacturers carefully roll it and then put it in the individual packages.

This will ensure the great shipping of the product because many grip tapes are flatly packed in cheap plastic bags, and ultimately they get crease during shipping. But we guarantee you’re providing the grip tape without a single crease.

Comes with the great gripSometimes, the grip is comparatively less. It may be due to moisture.
Perfectly easy to use as well as easy to install
No slips
Great for beginners

4. Waterproof ESC with Remote Control

It is an excellent waterproof ESC with remote control. As it has a remote control, it gives you the most vital signals. Also, the waterproof quality is up to the mark.

The material used in the construction of waterproof ESC is PCB. However, if you talk about the product size, it is 150 x 70 x 50 cm. It is so powerful and smooth, significantly when it accelerates.

The brakes are also excellent, and the maximum speed of this ESC is 40 km per hour. However, it also comes with a fast mode, which is 40 kilometers per hour.

Waterproof ESC with Remote Control

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There is also a middle mode of this ESC, which gives you 30 kilometers per hour of speed. If you want a slow speed, you can choose the slow mode, which is 20 km per hour.

The remote used in this is a universal remote controller with a receiver for electric skateboards.

It is ultra-compact, easy to operate as well as comfortable. In addition to all these fantastic features, it is rechargeable because it is equipper with a built-in battery.

It is usually recommend when you test the ESC; you must close the remote control. This thing is essential for your safety. 

Very powerful and gives you the great speedA little bit expensive
Smart control in acceleration and braking
Comes with the great battery
Waterproof and get the stronger signals

Q 1: Are electric skateboards 100% waterproof?

Ans: Unfortunately, they are not 100% waterproof, but the battery, as well as all the electronics, are fully protect from water.

As I discussed earlier, water-resistant electric skateboards are different from waterproof ones because there is a chance of getting water into the board or electronics in water-resistant skateboards.

Skateboard Grip Tape water proof Sheet

Q 2: Does the size and weight of the skateboard matter?

Ans: Yes, the size and weight matter a lot because if it is heavy, it is difficult for you to take them anywhere. So the skateboard must be lightweight, and the board’s size must go hand-in-hand with the total weight capacity.

Q 3: Can we take the skateboard in the rain?

Ans: However, skateboarding in the rain is not a good thing to do. This is because many of the skateboard decks are made of wood, and thus the water will enter into the wood and ultimately to the bearings.

Q 4: Are boost boards waterproof?

Ans: No, actually, the boosted boards are not waterproof. Also, they do not come with the IP rating with which you can enquire about its waterproof feature.

However, they are made from some watertight seals to protect against water dust and other debris.

Q 5: What should we do if we have water damage in an electric skateboard?

Ans: Usually, water damage could lead to many problems, such as:

  • Digital display damages
  • Electronic failure
  • Many wheels do not spin
  • Sometimes, the board does not turn on
  • Sometimes, the board does not run

At this point, you must go for an electric skateboard repair and check your product’s warranty.

Waterproof ESC with Remote Control

Q 6: How can we prevent the skateboard from dirt and water if we ride dirty or wet?

Ans: At this point, you must prop your board up vertically, take the battery out, and dry all the surfaces. You must make sure that the battery, plug, and jack are fully dry before inserting.


Taking care of your electric skateboard from water and dust is the first thing you should do.

Be sure that you ride carefully on wet roads because it can also lead to many injuries and accidents if you ride fastly.

It would be best if you did not ride during rain so that your skateboard remains protected. If you prevent your skateboard from the intrusion of water, it will increase the life of the skateboard.

From my point of view, Mfnyp Electric Skateboard is a good choice because it comes with a diamond-cutting design, which gives you the most comfortable ride and is suitable for beginners and adults.

Another product I explained is an 11″ x 44″ Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet. This is a fantastic grip tape for different waterproofing skateboards. It is equipped with excellent adhesion power so that the skateboard becomes long-lasting.

Waterproof Electric Skateboard ESC with Remote Control is a fantastic ESC. It is equipper with remote control and gives you a maximum speed of 40 km/hr.