6 Best longboards for sliding | Review & Guide

As we all know, the most amazing thing about using a longboard is sliding. Here we are reviewing the best longboards for sliding. 

However, you have to practice sliding properly because it is a risky process in which you can get in an accident or get a lot of falls or crashes. In the long run, when you learn sliding and performing different tricks, you cannot explain this exciting experience. 

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For Sliding the longboard you must have all the necessary equipment like glovesproper clothing, a helmet, and other safety measures for a safe ride.

Keep in mind that sliding is a very tricky thing to learn, and it is also difficult to control the speed while sliding. But you can learn longboard riding with experience & practice.

Ensure that if you are a beginner, you should learn to slide with the help of an expert. Otherwise, you can go into a crash on the road.

  • A suitable longboard is essential to perform sliding because every longboard is not made for sliding. So you must choose the best longboard for sliding. 

You must keep in mind certain factors while sliding as it can affect the sliding technique, such as the size of the wheels, the type of the longboard, as I discussed earlier, etc. 

Longboard sliding requirements

Whenever you going to buy the best electric skateboard you look into different features and qualities so similarly there are certain requirements for sliding because some riders never slide; however, there are several reasons you have to learn and become a master in sliding. The requirements for sliding are:

  • checking the speed and corner drifting in downhill racing
  • freeride maneuvers
  • technical sliding
  • speed controlling while commuting or cruising
  • Right size Longboard

wheels of Longboard for sliding

The first thing you know when sliding is the wheels. The wheels should be of high quality and great for sliding.

As I also discussed earlier, some users give more importance to the deck for sliding, but the wheels are also important and must be preferred when you are purchasing the longboard for sliding. 

It is common when the wheels are not of high quality and not durable; then, you cannot perform sliding properly and perfectly.

Some users prefer the wheels, which are not of high quality, but they prefer the extra bit of bite.

Many expert riders said that they could do sliding with any kind of board and wheels, but keep in mind that they are experts. But still, we have to keep these factors in mind when purchasing the longboard for us. 

The wheels for sliding are somewhat smaller in size than the downhill are cruiser wheels. The contact patch of the wheels is narrower to lessen the friction. Wheels with rounded lips are also preferred for sliding. 

The wheels’ core also affects the sliding, as well as the wheels with offset cores, making it better when you are sliding on the roads. Along with the wheels, the proper shoes also give a lot of help in sliding.

If we talk about the texture of the longboard wheels, then soft longboard wheels are usually preferred because they offer more grip. The most popular wheels for longboarding are 78a and 88a because they offer a good grip along with slide ability and roll speed. 

1.Santa Cruz freeride longboard

Santa Cruz is considered to be the highest quality longboard specialized for riding.

If you are interested in doing fabulous tricks and sliding, then you must go for Santa Cruz freeride longboard. Many users, all around the world, also prefer Santa Cruz freeride longboards for sliding. 

Actually, Santa Cruz is a cruiser longboard, but it comes with all the features which required an aggressive riding style.

If you want to go for sliding along with free riding and cruising, then definitely, it is a good choice.

Santa Cruz Freeride Longboard

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If we talk about the deck of the longboard, then it has nine ply deck construction with a hundred percent hard rock maple. Most amazingly, Santa Cruz is 40 inches long,10 inches wide with a wheelbase of 31 inches. 

The deck performs a vital role in your selection of skateboard/longboard. So keep in mind about Deck size that suits you best.

The longboard is somewhat concave, which gives it a good profile so that your food remains on the deck. Consequently, it gives you a little more aggressive slide with this riding.


It is an amazing road rider with a 180mm drop through mountain trucks. Additionally, with the help of these mountain trucks, the longboard remains low to the ground and makes it easier for the pushing of the longboard while riding. 

Pro & Cons of Santa cruz  freeride longboard


  • Gives you a low center of gravity
  • Drop through the mounting system is great.
  • Good for beginners
  • Gives your smooth ride along with pushing and free riding
  • Available longboard for sliding


  • Maple construction is so more prone to chipping and denting.
  • Heavy deck

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2.Playshion drop through freestyle longboard

First of all, one thing which I like about playshion drop through is that it comes in a variety of beautiful colors. 

This longboard is available in beautiful colors and designs. However, in a single board, you will get the color in the form of a rainbow which attracts the user so much. 

It is a strong longboard with a flexible bamboo deck. We all know that the material used in its manufacturing is a stronger material and keeps the user away from chipping and breaking off the longboard. 

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

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The deck is strong enough to carry the weight up to 250 pounds. The wheels of this longboard are soft and big, measuring about 70 x 42mm.

In addition to it, the deck is good for a cruiser, which is 48 x 29.5 inches. The deck of this is a long body slightly concave with a flat and symmetrical design; however, it is concave from the middle, so that your feet are secure on the board as well as facilitate the turning.


These wheels are most amazingly combined with ABEC-9 bearings, which are responsible for giving a smooth and comfortable ride, especially while sliding. 

Consequently, it is a comfortable and good longboard for sliding with solid 7-inch aluminum trucks. It has a double tail design, which is the complementary design of the longboard. With the help of a double tail design, the user can easily lift the board while performing tricks. 

You can also customize your writing style by adjusting the trucks and kingpins. For example, to tighten or loosen the trucks.

If you want to go for high speed, then title trucks are better for you, and if you want to, you go for turns more then you will go for looser trucks. 

Pro & Cons of Playshion drop through freestyle longboard


  • Gives you a smooth ride
  • High-quality longboard for sliding
  • Super fast and good for beginners
  • An affordable longboard


  • You may need to replace wheels after some time.

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3.White wave bamboo longboard skateboard

The White Wave is a simple yet beautiful longboard. I like its simple, light brown color, and white-colored wheels.

The deck is made up of multi-layers of bamboo and Canadian maple. The good thing about this deck is that it is equipped with durable heat transferred graphics and clear grip tape.

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

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Moreover, it is a good size longboard sizing of about 41 x 9. 25 inches. The trucks are aluminum trucks sizing about 7 inches or 180 mm.

In addition to it, it has ultra-high rebound bushings for a comfortable ride. If we talk about the wheels, high-quality urethane wheels have a diameter of 70 x 50 mm. Consequently, it has fast and durable ABEC-9 hellion bearings with built-in spacers. 

It is famous for its symmetrical shape and perfect flex. The good thing is that it is considered to be the most durable and long-lasting longboard in the fields of sliding and longboarding.


You can also select the color of the wheels according to your choice and liking, but mostly white-colored wheels are preferred because they are also visible at night.

The deck of this longboard is slightly concave so that it gives the rider safe and comfortable riding as well as sliding. 

The wheels are attractive, which are yellow in color, and the truck color is matte black.

The beautiful paintings on the longboard are an excellent sign of this longboard. The users also like this longboard, and it is considered to be the most popular brand in the world of longboards.

Additionally, it is liked due to its bright yellow theme and polished wood. 

Pro & Cons of White wave bamboo longboard skateboard


  • Longboard with multi-layers of bamboo and maple wood.
  • High quality and durable wheels
  • Good board for beginners
  • Easy to ride and easy to learn
  • Grip tape of the longboard is good


  • Price could be higher than average.

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4.Sector 9 mens lookout skateboard

Sector 9 mens lookout skateboard is considered to be the most popular and highly ranked longboard all over the world.

It is so famous that it draws the people’s attention towards it where they can use it for any kind of skating as well as taking it for longer distances. 

Sector 9 comes in the relaxed cruising and pumping style category, which can be used for a lot of purposes, such as pushing over long distances and used for daily transportation.

Sector 9 Mens Lookout Skateboard

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For example, you can travel on a tree from your home to your school, as well as from home to your nearby office. 

The good thing about Sector 9 is that it comes in fully assembled form and has 10-inch gullwing charger trucks.

The wheels are very powerful, and the diameter of the wheels is 72mm. The wheels are 78a offset wheels. To give you a smooth ride, it is equipped with ABEC 5 PDP bearings.

Your riding and sliding become more comfortable and easier because of the clear grip tape present on the longboard. 

The longboard is 41.125 inches long and 9.625 inches wide. The wheelbase of the longboard is 31 inches. 


Not only can you use this longboard for sliding but also for carving and commuting. However, you can change the color of the wheels according to your choice and convenience. 

Moreover, the deck has a concave platform, and also the ends of the rails are lifted up to a slight extent. It gives you a “w concave” ridge between the rails in the middle along the deck’s length.

So the longboard’s concave shape gives you a lot of support and keeps you in a solid position while sliding. 

Along with all these things, sector 9 has the laminated bamboo made up of five plies so that the deck becomes stronger and stiffer. So we can say that the deck is made up of a few horizontally laminated bamboo with maple in the core for stiffness. 

Pro & Cons of Sector 9 mens lookout skateboard


  • The color of the wheels are attractive
  • Wheels are great for cruising
  • Smooth riding with amazing bearings


  • Some people do not like the green wheels of the longboard

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5.Landyachtz switch longboard for sliding

The Landyachtz switch is 40 inches long and is a famous longboard for ages. However, it is the top choice of any skateboarder along the border, which has the ability to take them to the new level of sliding and commuting.

It has high quality and subtle dropdown deck, so there is no chance of slipping from the longboard. Along with a great deck, it has a stiff flex pattern with the help of which you can learn new tricks of sliding and carving. 

Consequently, the length of the longboard ranges from 35 to 40 inches; however, the longboard’s width is 9. 5 to 10 inches.

In addition, it has a wheelbase of 27 inches or 32 inches.

Moreover, you will be amazed because of its durable and high-quality deck because it is made up of nine plies of maple. It also has a 2 inch dropped platform so that you can use it for comfortable sliding. 

Not only the advanced players, but even the beginners can also ride on this longboard. It is a great longboard for riders of all levels.

Landyachtz Switch Longboard

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Surprisingly, it is very stable as well as easy to push while sliding. It also has a low center of gravity and is super low to the ground with a stiff flex pattern. When the longboard is closer to the ground, it is considered to be best for sliding. 

Most amazingly, Landyachtz is perfect for commuting because it is designed in a way to get you from point a to point b as comfortable as possible.


Along with all these amazing features, it is super stable because the board has a 2-inch drop so that it maintains maximum stability. Now, you can learn a new trick easily with the help of this fantastic longboard. 

As I also discussed earlier, it has maple construction with a steep concave. You can easily die on the longboard because of amazing grip tape.

Lastly, it will give you a smooth ride because of ABEC 7 bearings. 

Pro & Cons of Landyachtz switch longboard


  • Attractive color longboard with attractive design
  • Gives you the maximum stability while sliding
  • Helps you learn new slides
  • Phenomenal and great longboard


  • Not recommended for kids.

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6.Landyachtz hammer complete longboard

Landyachtz hammer is considered to be an ideal cruiser, so it also has the capability of stable hill bombs. It is 36 inches drop through longboard and is a slightly w concave shape throughout.

The concave shape is designed to give you arch support and maximize traction along with maintaining the stability of trucks. However, the longboard’s concave depth is medium, so you can easily perform your sliding tricks. 

It is a high-quality longboard because the equipment used in its manufacturing is of high quality. 

If we talk about the wheels of the longboard, then the wheels are finished with 70mm and 78a wheels. So these wheels give you high stability even at high speed with no sacrifice in maneuverability.

The wheels are urethane wheels and larger in size with a stiff plastic core to give you super-fast roll speeds and a high grip while sliding and carving. 

Landyachtz Hammer Complete Longboard

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The width of the longboard is 10 inches, so it gives you a high platform while riding and sliding. The wheelbase of the longboard is 27.25 inches, as well as the stiff flex level. The deck of the longboard is solid because it is made up of 7 plies of Canadian maple. 

Along with all these features, it is drop mounted so that you get increased stability as well as carving. Landyachtz also does consider as on the top longboard for riding on any type of terrain.

The deck is drop mounted, and the slightly concave shape of the longboard gives you a comfortable riding experience, especially when sliding and taking turns on the longboard.

Lastly, it has a signature design for freestyle trickery and has perfectly paired components so that you will be easily satisfied with your riding and sliding. 

The wheels are designed in a way to give you good alignment as well as a super fast and smooth ride. The good thing about this longboard is that it comes in fully assembled form and ready to ride when you open the box.


So, you do not have to waste your time assembling because it is sometimes difficult for beginners to assemble the longboard. Additionally, it is an imported longboard with beautiful design and light brown bamboo color. 

Pro & Cons of Landyachtz hammer complete longboard


  • Beautiful flower design on the longboard
  • Comes in completely assembled form
  • Gives your smooth and stable ride
  • Comes with oiled bearings


  • Not recommended for kids.

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Buying guide of best longboards for sliding

First of all, sliding is not an easy task; you have to keep certain factors when purchasing the best longboard for sliding.

However, purchasing the longboard, especially for sliding, is not an easy job. I assure you that this buying guide will help you a lot in choosing the best longboard according to your requirements. 

Sliding longboard materials:

The building material used in the manufacturing of longboards is very important as the material should be durable and strong.

Mostly, the material used in the manufacturing of longboards is maple. If the deck is made up of metal, then it means that it is durable, sturdy, and lasts longer.

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard 

Additionally, you can also go for the carbon fiber or bamboo longboards available in the market. However, keep this thing in mind that carbon fiber is an expensive element, but it shows safer skating and faster speed while sliding. 

Size of the deck:

Picking the right deck is very important. The size of the deck means what the width and length of the deck are. However, if we consider the size of the deck, then it is usually 34 x 44 inches long. Additionally, it also depends on the person’s height who has to use the deck for sliding and riding. 

Guide for skateboarding

If you are thinking of getting the deck, you must go for the one with the length ranges from 38 to 42 inches, and the width ranges from 8 to 10 inches.

I am suggesting this deck size because it is appropriate for any person, whether he is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level skater. 

Type of the deck:

You should consider the type of the deck while purchasing the longboard for sliding as the type of the deck depends on the stunts you perform.

However, keep this thing in mind that many types of decks are available in the market, such as double drop, drop platform, drop duck, drop-through, top mount, etc.

Consequently, these types of deck, drop-through, draw platform, and top mount are suitable for you when you are thinking of sliding on the longboard. These types will keep you going along the way and also ensures a low center of gravity. 

skatebalord clothing

You will be more stable when you are riding on the drop platform or drop-through deck, especially when your feet become close to the ground.

You must also ensure that the deck should be light in weight so that you will be free to perform the sliding tricks.

Also, you have to carry your board to other areas, so check the weight of the longboard also for mobility. 

Sliding trucks:

When you are urging the longboard for sliding, then you must also keep in mind the sliding trucks, and if we talked about the width of the sliding trucks, then it must be 180 mm. The most popular trucks, nowadays, in the market, are reverse kingpin trucks. 

Sliding bearings:

Usually, the sliding bearings depend on the ratings, and the differences are measured through these bearings.

In the market, ABEC 5 to 12 rated bearings are popular among the riders.

However, if you want to consider the bearings, then you must choose the sliding bearings ranges between ABEC 7 to 10 ratings. This will ensure you give you a high speed during riding. 

Sliding wheels:

I discussed the sliding wheels in detail; however, it is to be remembered that the sliding wheels must have a diameter of 70 to 80 mm, and the durometer of the wheel should be between 70 to 90a.

The wheels should not be soft because then you will not be able to perform sliding and other amazing tricks. Obviously, they should be hard enough to go with high speed and low speeds as needed. 

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

I hope you will learn a lot of information through this buying guide.

Along with the buying guide, I will also discuss different longboards for sliding from which you can choose according to your budget and requirements.

From these longboards for sliding, you will get more information in this article and get a clear image of the longboards for sliding. 

Best longboards for sliding

Q1: Which type of sliding longboard can we purchase at high speed? 

Ans: If you want to buy the high-speed longboard, then its wheels must have a diameter of 70 mm and a Durometer of 75a plus.

The bearings of the particular longboard must be of ABEC 7 plus rating. All these requirements are good, which will give you the high speed of the longboard for sliding. 

Q2: Which type of wheels are good for freeriding? 

Ans: As you have to perform different skills, as well as sliding with the help of your skateboard, the wheels should be large and round for this purpose. The wheels should have the ability to move on any surface while sliding. 

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

Q3: Is dropdown longboard good for beginners? 

Ans: As a Beginner learner, while riding on the longboard, drop-through is a perfect style, especially for those who are going for a long-distance, for example, going from home to school or work.

This style is perfect for beginners as it features a low center of gravity and gives you the most stable and amazing ride. 

Furthermore, if you are going for a long ride don’t forget to have a skateboard/longboard backpack with you so that you can keep your board safe when needed. You can also buy a waterproof skateboard as a beginner so that it lasts long.

Q4: How can you protect yourself while sliding? 

Ans: As we all know that sliding is a tricky performance, so you have to protect yourself, and for this purpose, you have to wear safety gear such as a helmetgloves, knee pads, etc.

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard

Q5: What is the perfect length for sliding on the longboard?

Ans: Normally, the longboard length ranges from 33 x 54 inches; however, if you want to purchase a longboard for sliding, then the perfect longboard length should be from 39 x 42 inches. It is a suitable size for sliding. 

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Q6: Can a person slide with any longboard wheels? 

Ans: Keep this thing in mind that there are no perfect wheels used for sliding. You can use any kind of wheels for sliding, but they should be sturdy to give them good speed and force while sliding. 

Q 7: Why should the longboard for sliding be concave? 

Ans: The perfect longboard for sliding always comes with a nice concave shape. The deck of the longboard curves upward on the sides. When the shape of the longboard is concave, it lets you push pressure into the board’s sides. 

Conclusion for a Best longboards for sliding

The longboard used for sliding should be particular according to its requirement. It, however, keeps this thing in mind that if the longboard is closer to the ground, then it is better to perform the sliding.

It also keeps you weightless on the wheels and makes it easier for you to slide. You can also go for the drop through the longboard.

However, in this article, I explained that the wheels should be hard enough to make the sliding easy, and it will give you a smooth ride while sliding. In this article, you learned six amazing best longboards for sliding from which you can choose according to your choice and convenience.

If we compare all the above-discussed longboards, then from my point of view, the Landyachtz switch longboard is a good choice because it is made up of nine maple plies, so the deck of this longboard is sturdy and is durable for sliding. Also, this longboard is perfect for riders of all levels.

However, a white wave bamboo longboard is also a good choice because of its durable ABEC 9 bearings with a mixture of multiple layers of bamboo and Canadian maple construction.

Lastly, I also like playshion drop through freestyle longboard because of its amazing designs and colors and having the capacity of carrying up to 250 pounds of weight of the rider.