Best longboard Slide gloves Review & Guide

Most people think that longboard gloves are not very important, but no one can deny its importance while riding on a longboard.

Usually, the dedicated riders who are looking to slide with a sliding longboard, perform different impressive tricks use the longboard gloves.

Especially the use of these gloves while sliding down the steep hills is very important.

We all know that when cruising down a hill does not always go on with sliding, you will have to do different tricks with your hands.

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So you must use the gloves via sliding through the longboard.  Many tricks require the skillful use of hands such as quick stops, advanced tricks, and sharp turns.

In addition to all these things, choosing the right longboard gloves will increase your confidence when riding on the longboard. In this article, we will discuss longboard gloves and discuss some best longboard gloves available on Amazon. 

1.Triple 8 sliders longboard gloves

Triple 8 sliders longboard gloves are the best gloves for cruising and sliding downhills.

They are good for hands and easily fit into your hands to confidently go on riding on the longboard. Moreover, it has tear-resistant kevlar fingertips that are durable and of high quality.

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

The good thing about these longboard gloves is that it is skate tested, and the pavement has proven. 

Consequently, it is made up of full top grain leather along with wrap around elastic wrist strap. Keep this thing in mind that with these longboard gloves, a replacement pucks kit is also available, which is sold separately.

So if you think that you do a lot of sliding, then eventually the pucks will wear down, then you can go for this replacement set. With the help of this replacement set of boxes, you can go back onto the road in no time. 

Triple 8 sliding glove review

They are available in all sizes, such as extra small, 7 to 7. 5 inches in length, small/medium, which has 7. 5 to 9 inches length. The last one is the large and extra-large size, ranging from 9 to 10. 5 inches long. 

Pro & Cons of Triple 8 sliders longboard gloves


  • Really durable sliding  gloves
  • The pucks are of high quality.
  • Good for beginners
  • Fits perfectly on the hands


  • Sometimes, the fabric starts to tear.

2.Loaded boards freeride longboard slide glove

 longboard slide gloves have Poron XRD palm padding, and to give you the extra protection, it comes with the viscoelastic foam knuckle.

The outer construction of the gloves is also very nice with Coolmax lining and vented mesh for comfort. 

Loaded Boards Freeride Longboard Slide Glove

Moreover, it also comes with us with palm and thumb pucks as well as hard plastic finger pucks. It also has reflective accents with the help of which you have the surety of visibility on low light excursions.

These longboard gloves are designed according to modern needs. Now they are available in three foam-fitting sizes so that it can better accommodate both the youth as well as the female riders.

Before, it was padded with removable EVF foam. Still, now it comes with the shock-absorbing Poron XRD foam cushion with added viscoelastic foam, knuckle pads for advanced, and impacts protection. 

The materials used in the construction of these gloves are very good to prevent any accident. The material of the gloves is made in a way to prevent abrasion.


So they are durable as well as come with great ventilation and breathability. Along with all these things, it comes with an elastic wrist strap to give you athletic support. 

Pro & Cons of Loaded boards freeride longboard slide glove


  • Adjust easily to the  teenagers
  • Available in all adjustable sizes
  • High quality and easy fit.
  • Well made for sliding
  • Pucks are great and durable.


  • Sometimes, the fabric starts to tear.

3.Andux land skateboard slider slide glove

These gloves are of amazing quality as it is made up of the nylon material. Surprisingly, these gloves are heavy-duty and also have wrap around wrist strap so that you get the perfect fit gloves.

Andux Land Skateboard Slider Slide Glove

Moreover, it also gives you thick joint protection. Along with all these things, it comes with an adjustable size from small to medium to extra large.

So people of all kinds of and length can purchase these gloves. 

Moreover, these gloves are perfect for touching the ground as well as doing other tricks, especially when going downhill.

They are more budget-friendly as well as perform in a good way. In addition to its low price, it comes in the list of best slide gloves. 

Consequently, it comes with a breathable fabric so that it provides a good ventilation system.

However, the experienced riders give it a good lock and consider this the standard brand that can fulfill all your needs of riding through downhill.

Pro & Cons of Andux land skateboard slider slide glove


  • Real production and durable gloves
  • High-quality pucks
  • Decent gloves for their price
  • Comfortable and durable


  • A little small for being large gloves

4.Loaded boards leather downhill race longboard slide glove

Loaded boards leather downhill gloves are made up of high-quality goatskin leather. It has the ability to give you great finger protection as well as palm protection.

This is because it has carbon knuckle and finger protectors. The material of these longboard gloves is of high quality.

Loaded Boards Leather Downhill Race Longboard Slide Glove

Along with all these things, the gloves are long-lasting as well as durable. It comes with velcro palms, thumbs, and fingertips. 

It can fit into your hands very easily as they are available in different sizes. So everyone can purchase these longboard gloves, whether a young lady or a kid.

Loaded Boards Brazil | Deja Vu with Patrick Switzer

I like these gloves because they have high-density finger pucks to give you a high level of finger protection. 

Lastly, the very important thing is these gloves do not cause slipping when a rider puts his hand on the road while riding. These gloves are lightweight so that the user does not feel heavy during longboarding.