Best Longboard Brands 2022

Whenever you want to buy a good longboard, you usually search for the best brands. You will do it to find out the one that best suits you.

This article will present what we believe to be the best brands of longboards to buy this year. I suggest the best longboard brands on the market.

Within these brands, you will find the most suitable for you. Above all, you will get a durable, resistant one to have fun and try the tricks. The best longboard brand can provide you with great comfort and excellent travel in the city.

The best thing about different brands is that you can purchase them at an affordable price due to their wide variety in the market. They also integrate an incredible array of models, designs, and colours that perfectly match your most profound character or personality.

Best longboard brands

Sector 9

You will likely hear about Sector 9 boards whenever you think of excellent-quality longboards. This is because the manufacturers are more consistent with excellent customer service. Sector 9 is famous for sliding longboards.

Due to this excellent customer service, they are among the top longboard brands. Sector 9 was started in 1993 in LA Jolla, California.

This is the main reason the brand has strived a lot with many years of manufacturing exceptional longboards. After La Jolla, the manufacturers moved to San Diego, where their headquarters are. Sector 9 is proud to produce high-quality equipment from every aspect of longboard manufacturing.

Most surprisingly, the materials used in constructing the Sector 9 longboard are long-lasting and durable.

Furthermore, it is to note that Sector 9 produces different varieties of boards and necessary accessories. These accessories will help you with more advanced riding, such as Sector 9 speed suits or Sector 9 slide gloves.

Top Sector 9 Longboards:

By sponsoring top longboards, Sector 9 tried to promote its brand and give them free Sector 9 gear. If we talk about the ranking of the renowned brand, then it is the most massive and top longboard brand today.

The reason is that manufacturers produce various products for every Rider, from beginners to advanced.

So some top products stand out from the rest. Some of the longboards of Sector 9, such as Sector 9 lookout, have been on the top for years. Therefore, the particular board starts getting popular as time passes.

Many people also wrote an extensive review on Sector 9 lookout. It gives you the perfect balance between carving and downhill abilities. Sector 9 Fractal and Sector 9 Sidewinder are also considered to be the best seller of this brand.

Landyachtz Longboard

Landyachtz also comes in the category of top longboard brands along with Loaded boards and Sector 9. In 1997, the manufacturer originated on the north shore of Vancouver.

With time, the manufacturers start producing longboards with many improvements. The manufacturers also evaluate that skateboarding is not just fun. Now you can also get a Landyachtz longboard for commuting and going downhills.

By looking towards other top brands, the manufacturers also get an idea to create the longboard with all the possible features. Through trial and error, the brand can produce the longboard according to the needs of the Rider.

In the start, the manufacturers started making longboards on a small scale. After a short period, the brand formed a company named Landyachtz. The primary speciality of this brand is that they are the first to experiment with lower boards with trucks above the foot platform.

Therefore, they have produced dropdown longboards with many advantages over other longboard designs.

Top Landyachtz Longboards:

  • Landyachtz Battle Axe 38 “Longboard Deck 
  • Landyachtz Drop Cat Black Seeker 38 “Complete Longboard
  • Landyachtz Rally Cat Kimono Complete Longboard
  • Landyachtz Pocket Knife Longboard Complete – Black

This brand is also producing a longboard of unique design and variety. Landyachtz made a few more expensive boards initially, but it is due to its quality.

Many of its famous brands are known for their dropdown and symmetrical design. Some boards are so fantastic that they come up with sharp turns and go downhill. The good thing about Landyachtz is that its boards are popular among beginners and advanced riders. 

Atom Longboards

Atom Longboard is also a renowned brand and well-known company in the market. However, Atom Longboards is considered a new brand recently launched in 2005.

Their main intention is to manufacture more affordable longboards, especially for beginner riders.

The longboards with a high-quality build and different designs attract the riders to purchase them. Now you can easily find an exceptional and long-lasting longboard at an affordable price.

Top atom longboard:

  • Atom drop through longboard 40 inches
  • Atom Longboards atom drop deck Longboards-39, Blue
  • Atom Drop Deck Longboard ( 41-Inch ) 
  • Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard – 39″ 

 Atom longboard bamboo drop-through is considered the best seller of this brand. This longboard remains number 1 because it has several features, such as sliding, carving, and going downhill.

So if you are looking for an all-around longboard, you are right. Atom Pintail is also an excellent longboard, along with its different board designs with excellent carves.

Globe longboards

Globe longboard is an old brand that started in 1980. Most surprisingly, it has made its place with various longboards available in the market. Remember that it is an Australian-based longboard brand that stands out in the crowd.

It is such a famous brand that you can quickly find top products in the market. It is to note that the globe did not end up with only longboards; it also expanded its products by making skateboards and cruisers.

Globe always puts a lot of effort into making high-quality and durable longboards. We can also call it a distinctive brand that is popular as well as reliable.

Top Globe Longboard:

  • Globe Pinner Classic Complete Skateboard
  • Globe Geminon 35 “Complete Longboard – Ebony / Black 
  • Globe Chromatic Cruiser Teak Floral Couch Complete 
  • Globe Pinner Classic Complete Skateboard

The most popular board of the Globe is Globe Geminon Drop down longboard. It is a great board that comes with a combination of speed and stability.

So it is considered the perfect longboard for riders of all types. It also has a beautiful design where the riders look good while cruising on this board.

Globe also produces different penny boards, which are very popular among the people. They are called the Globe HG Bantam. HG Bantam is specially designed to be used only for commuting.

The good thing about this board is that it is one of the highest-quality planning boards present in the market. The price range of the HG Bantam board is $100 or above.

Arbor Axis Longboards (Arbor Collective):

Arbor Axis is a well-known brand in the field of longboarding. Most surprisingly, it is a high-quality brand with excellent boards for the price. Arbor Axis was started in 1995 as a snowboard company.

When longboards start getting popular, companies start producing other types of longboards, which can go downhill. So we can say that the brand has good experience making all-terrain longboards, just like the snowboards across the snow. 

Therefore, snowboard manufacturing influences manufacturers to make other types of longboards perfect for cruising, going downhill, and performing different tricks. 

  • Arbor Longboard Solstice Axis 37″ Drop Through
  • Arbor Collective Axis 40 Flagship Skateboard Bundle…
  • Arbor Axis 40 Flagship 2019 Complete Longboard
  • Arbor Collective- AXIS 40 Bamboo

Arbor Shakedown Koa longboard has remained the best seller for years. The reason is that it can pick up tremendous speed across all kinds of terrains.

However, the riders who want the all-around longboard can go for the Arbor Axis walnut longboard.

This longboard is also included in the most popular Arbor longboards. Arbor Axis walnut longboard is an excellent longboard equipped with a flexible deck and trucks specially made for carving.

Loaded longboards

Loaded longboards is not an old brand, as it was founded in 2002 in Culver City, California. The first product of this brand was Loaded Vanguard. The good thing is that even their first product became a best seller, which continues to be today’s best seller. 

It is a great company that quickly stood out from the competition among top longboard brands. People started liking this brand because of its flexible bamboo deck and unparalleled carving ability. 

The longboards of this brand are made up of environment-friendly materials. They are also high-performance boards, along with a great look and feel. The fantastic designs will also give a beautiful feel underneath the Rider’s feet.

Top Loaded longboards:

  • Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard 
  • Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard
  • Orangatang in Heat 75 mm 83a Downhill Longboard
  • Loaded Boards Omakase Bamboo Longboard

If we talk, sector 9 produces everything related to the longboard. However, on the other side, Loaded brands primarily built longboard decks.

There is, however, an offshoot brand that originates under Loaded called Orangatang. Orangatang produces wheels designed to complement the Loaded Decks.

A distinguishing feature of this brand is the fact that its longboards are flexible. For experienced Riders, a Loaded Dervish Sama longboard is the best choice. However, beginners usually go for longboards with excellent carving and sliding ability.

Loaded has rapidly grown into one of the biggest longboarding brands in the world today. Today, the Loaded Vanguard remains one of their best sellers. You can also find other top products of the Loaded brand, such as Loaded Tan Tien and Loaded Dervish. 

Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a fantastic brand that is famous for producing amazing skateboards and wheels. It is considered to be the old brand where it started manufacturing skateboards in the 70s. However, it is a consistent brand that has stood out among its competitors over the years.

It is an excellent brand that uses proprietary formulas on its wheels. They manufacture everything in their California warehouse. Powell Peralta is so much popular among people for producing durable decks.

Remember that their downhill boards became popular with new inventions and durability. The speed of Powell boards is also up to the mark. So this is the main reason that when the brand comes to longboards, its main focus is on producing downhill decks.  

Some people said that the brand is also producing a freestyle deck. Along with having an incredible downhill deck, the manufacturers are also producing high-quality wheels.

You can buy these wheels separately for sliding and free riding also. Remember that their products are a bit expensive, but they do not compromise quality. This is the main reason the longboards used by this brand are long-lasting and durable.

Omen Longboard

Omen is also another premium category longboard brand. You can also call this brand a new one because it started its journey in 2012.

In this challenging world, the brands tried to produce the longboard of high quality and durability. So with time, Omen became a superstar in the industry.

Keep in mind that the operators and owners of this brand are skaters. So they are aware of all the things needed to produce longboards. The brand is not satisfied with traditional materials for manufacturing.

The building materials may be the traditional maple. The reason is that manufacturers usually want longboards that are rigid as well as durable enough to cope with wet and cold weather.

After a lot of struggle, they came up with a construction method: tsunami tech. The manufacturers use this method on all their boards because it is unique. This feature makes Omen different from other longboard brands.

 Now the question arises what the tsunami tech construction method is? The manufacturers use different materials, such as laminated bamboo, thermoplastic, epoxy, and fiberglass, in this method.

All these materials are also suitable for giving a long-lasting performance to the board. This brand can also find old wood-made decks that are not very costly.

Top longboards from Omen:

  • Omen Mini Cruiser
  • Omen boards sea life

Rayne Longboard

Rayne is a premium category Canada-based longboard brand. The manufacturers of this brand started their journey in Vancouver in 2004. The main focus of Rayne is to satisfy every customer regarding their expectations.

Therefore, they are trendy in producing the longboard with all the possible features. The products of Rayne speak for themselves, made from high-quality material.

This is the main reason the company strived a lot and is still striving to produce various boards for beginners and advanced Riders.

The brand makes different boards, including cruisers and longboards for downhill. Astonishingly, longboards made from Rayne have also been used in World Cup races and freeride events.

This thing proves that the longboards made by this brand are of high quality and performance.

Due to the great worth of the brand, its longboards are in the premium price range. If you are only just learning how to ride longboards, then you should stay away from the longboards by this brand.

The answer to this statement is that their main focus is targeting experienced riders and fulfilling their comfort. The boards of this brand are made up of laminated bamboo. These materials are very good in making the skateboard or longboard waterproof.

Top longboard products from Ryan:

  • Rayne Reaper Gosha 
  • Rayne Whip Peacock 

Santa Cruz longboard

 People might not know about this brand because Santa Cruz was the oldest name in the skateboard manufacturing industry.

The primary specialty of this brand is that they are very good at producing modern longboards according to industry trends. Sometimes these longboards lead the way in terms of modernism.

 Santacruz is the oldest brand because it started producing cruiser boards in the seventies.

First of all, they started making plastic-built Cruiser boards. This is about how they started their journey and remained popular over the years with some awesome boards.

The main focus of Santa Cruz is to build a longboard for performing different kinds of tricks. On the other side, trendy brands are also producing different shapes of longboards. These shapes are pool shapes, Cruiser decks, and popsicles.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers are not very good at making high-quality longboards. The reason is that they do not have main concerns about longboard production. So don’t expect a high-quality longboard from them. However, on the other side, these longboards or skateboards are perfect for newbies.

Additionally, the brand uses different parts of a longboard from its sister companies. For example, they usually purchase wheels and trucks from road riders.

However, remember that they were always on top when they were a starter brand. Still, they are present at a higher rank in the field of skateboarding.

Top longboard from Santacruz:

  • Santa Cruz Cobra 
  • Santa Cruz Lion God 

 Most amazingly, these longboards come up with high quality and affordability.

Moonshine longboard

Surprisingly, this longboard was recently created; they started their journey in 2014. The brand is not as established as the other brands. However still, the brand is popular among the Other longboard brands. The team Rider of this brand is Brandon DesJarlais.

The longboards from this brand were also used in the Return of Xander Cage movie. Moonshine brands are somewhat different from other brands. The reason is that when there was the lamination of the longboard, they did vertical lamination.

However, on the other side, traditional lamination is done horizontally on regular boards. During manufacturing, they also have urethane rails. These urethane rails are very much crucial in making the board waterproof. Also, it proves to hold up against hits to the curb.

As they produce vertical laminated boards, it is noted that these boards are lighter and more robust—the traditional horizontally laminated boards or a little bit heavier on the other side.

It is a complex process, and the boards become pretty expensive when the manufacturers use bamboo and fibreglass on the deck.

This brand produces everything related to skateboards, such as downhill decks, Cruisers, or longboards. Of course, all these longboards are expensive, but keep in mind that Moonshine is not compromising quality. 

Madrid skateboards

Madrid also comes in the category of older longboard brands because they started their journey in the 70s. Even at that time, they stood out from other longboard brands at that time.

Madrid is famous for producing iconic brands that you might know of them. The brand is famous for manufacturing many high-speed longboards or skateboards. However, they mainly made skateboards featured in stranger things.

Madrid makes boards of different styles and manufactures for many brands out there. But, most surprisingly, they produce downhill decks, Street decks, dancers, Cruisers, pintails, etc.

It is interesting to state that Madrid is included in a few US brands still making high-quality and long-lasting boards. The boards manufactured by Madrid came from their beach factory, Huntington. The good thing about Madrid boards is that they are affordable and reasonably decent. 


The longboards are famous for giving you a lifetime ride whenever you go on an adventure.

This post has revealed many famous and renowned longboard brands available in the market. 

Although all the brands described above are the best and most reliable, I usually like Sector 9, Landyachtz, and Atom longboards.

These longboards offer convenient safety and good quality in the long run. If you go for a better brand, you will indeed have fun rides whenever you are relaxing in the park or going out for a ride.

Some longboard brands are made for commuting, while others are designed for going downhill.

If you can afford an expensive longboard, you should invest in trusted brands to avoid serious accidents. Consider different things when choosing a longboard, especially the wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size longboard should I get?

The longboard size usually depends on the type of rides you want. They will give you smooth and quick turns if you go on a smaller longboard. On the other side, longer longboards are pretty stable.

What are longboards made of?

Many brands usually use Maple wood in the construction of longboards. The reason is that Maple wood is tough and firm. On the other side, some manufacturers also use bamboo due to its flexibility and lightweight feature.

Can we go faster with suitable bearings?

No suitable bearings help roll for a more extended period. However, if your primary concern is faster longboarding, you should invest in good wheels. If you intend to go for better acceleration and decent speed, you should choose smaller wheels. If you are not concerned about the rate, then larger wheels are better.