10 Best Electric Skateboards Under 500$

Wondering if you could find the “best electric skateboard under $500“? A Best Skateboard with a good battery, lightweight, and that could ride easily on different kinds of surfaces? Well, the answer is YES!

Brands like Teamgee, Blitzart, and Alouette Phoenix have manufactured some amazing electric skateboards that you could buy under the price tag of $500.

You could find the best options that we have complied in this Guide!

The Need for Electric Skateboard Under 500$

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An Electric Skateboard is usually considered an expensive item. However, the increasing popularity and the increasing use of fun and straightforward traveling gadgets increased its demand.

College students or Beginners who may not afford expensive skateboards are usually looking for under-budget options.

Generally, people who wanted premium features had to spend more than $500. But as of now, seeing the need and popularity for low-budget electric skateboards. You could find excellent options for KidsBeginners, and even adults when it comes to getting an electric skateboard!

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In this article, our primary focus is on electric skateboards whose price is under 500 dollars. After detailed research, we have selected the best skateboards based on user reviews, their features, and value for money!

Top 3 Picks of Best Electric Skateboards Under 500$

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Best Electric Skateboards Under 500$ – A Comparison

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Can I get an awesome electric skateboard that has many features along with excellent durability? Is $500 a good amount to get a good skateboard?

Questions like these and many others came into mind when you will spend 500 dollars on buying an electric skateboard.

This guide narrows down the best choices and skateboards that are available on Amazon, and you could buy them after reading their review and specifications here.

So Let’s Jump into Exploring the Best Electric Skateboards Under 500 Dollars!

1. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 is the most advanced electric skateboard under 500 dollars as it is packed with all the essential features which the modern skateboard has. Teamgee is famous for its increased stability and control through it has thin structure.

Best Qualities of Teamgee H5

A firm grip of its PU wheels:

This incredible thing about this electric skateboard is that it has a firm grip on its PU wheels. The wheels are made according to the distribution of the body’s gravity towards the ground.

High-speed motor:

Teamgee electric skateboard has a durable high-speed motor. It is a 760-watt dual motor, which can be 22 mph in the fast mode after startup.

The motor will undergo high-speed rotation and bring a speedy experience.

Visual system design:

You can now visualize the driving data on the remote control and check the status of the skateboard.

The remote control also has a headlight design with the help of which you can safely drive the skateboard at night without any hurdles.

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Key Features


  • It is considered to be the thinnest skateboard, and it is 3 inches Off the ground for increased stability and control.
  • It is such a fantastic skateboard that it can hold up to 200 lbs weight of a person.
  • It offers a medium flex for a smooth ride as it is made from 10 ply Canadian Maple wood and one-ply fiberglass.
  • It is also equipped with wireless remote control with an LCD screen to check the status of the skateboard very quickly and change the speed and directions of the skateboard.
The maximum speed electric skateboard is 22 mph.No deactivation mode in the remote.
The Deck is made from the strongest wood materialsBoard is massive despite the ultra-thin structure.
2 hours fast charging
Excellent grip
Self-charging when going downhill
Offers one year of after-sales support.

2. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Alouette Phoenix Ryders is a stylish electric skateboard for under 500 dollars with a unique shape. It is such a powerful skateboard that it has a dual motor setup for 700 watts.

Best Qualities of Alouette Phoenix Ryders

The longest board:

Alouette Phoenix has an extended board where you can quickly put your feet and get more room to work while riding.

It has a thicker deck because it is made with six layers of Maple and bamboo, making it high quality and durable.

Impressive balance:

As it has the most extended board, the wheels are also for a part, and the edges are more minor and round, which makes it quite impressive regarding balance.

So it will give you a smooth ride with a good balance. Also, you will feel lightweight and secure during a ride.

250W Hub-Motors:

The skateboard has an 83 mm brushless half dual motor, which is 250 watts, and a regenerative braking system with a maximum range of 14 miles, giving it more reliable performance.

Key Features

  • Alouette Phonics skateboard is strong and durable as it has seven layers of metal deck with more flexibility.
  • It is equipped with a regenerative braking system where the maximum range is 14 miles. It has the ability to give you a smooth and reliable ride with high performance.
  • It is a powerful skateboard because it has a Lithium battery in it.
  • Ergonomic remote also gives you a high percentage of control with a display screen.
  • You can now check the power consumption, speed, etc. with the help of this wireless remote control.
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty and also gives you maintenance support.
Gives you an excellent balanceNot giving an incredibly smooth riding
Six layers of wood used in its constructionHas a flimsy remote control
A lightweight electric skateboardDisappointing maximum speed
Quick 2-hour charge
Beginner friendly and intermediate friendly

3. Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electronic Skateboard

Blizart Hurricane is a well-known skateboard producing company. That’s why it is famous due to its wide range of electric skateboards.

This skateboard also falls under the category of one of the best electric longboards.

Best Qualities of BLITZART Hurricane

Blitzart comes with a 38″ longboard, and we can ride over it at the speed of 17mph.

Moreover, it can take you 6-8 miles when it is fully charged. 

This skateboard comes with an ergonomic remote controller, which is easy to grip while flying. Therefore you can easily control the speed of your electric skateboard. You can also control the riding mode with the remote controller from beginner to advance level.

Usually, the Blizart remote controller comes wrist strap, which helps prevent the remote controller’s dropping while riding your electric skateboard.

This is not the end; the deck of the BLIZART Hurricane is made of 7 layers of maple wood and two layers of bamboo on the bottom of your board.

Moreover, the deck is gripped with tape to keep the rider firm on the board. That’s why the deck can bear up to 250lbs weight easily.

Great speedTake 3 Hours to fully charged.
Ergonomic Wireless Remote
Sturidiness Deck
Hub Motor

4. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

If you’re a beginner or looking for a sturdy electric skateboard for your kids, then the RazorX Cruiser is one of the best options you’ll find in the market. It’s not that powerful with its 125W electric motor but can still provide a speed of almost 10 MPH. The deck is made of five-layered Canadian Maple and has enough flex to absorb the road bumps, while the wheels provide a fine grip on the roads.

Key Features

  • This model gets its power from a single, 125W electric motor which makes it heavy-duty.
  • Its deck has been manufactured with five layers of Canadian Maple, making it extremely durable.
  • The company made the wheels using 80a polyurethane that provides a much better grip on the road.
  • It can provide a maximum speed of 10 Mph, which is perfect for beginners and kids.
  • It comes with a wireless remote with a replaceable wrist strap.
Heavy-duty motorThe charging process can take a lot of time
Can be used for 40 minutes continuously
Includes a wireless remote
High-grip urethane wheels

5. Urbanpro Electric Skateboard- Best for Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’d love the durability, stability, and long battery timing of the UrbanPro Electric Skateboard. This skateboard has been constructed using 11 layers of Canadian Maple and fiberglass, making it one of the sturdiest ones in the market. Moreover, with the fastest responsive ergonomic remote, you can control the acceleration, brakes, speed, etc., with much ease.

Key Features

  • It consists of a 400W, brushless electric motor that provides fantastic torque and a maximum speed of 20 MPH.
  • The high-efficient 4.0 AH large battery can last for almost 10 miles on a single charge.
  • The quality of the deck is extremely durable, with 11 layers of Canadian Maple and fiberglass.
  • It includes an ergonomic remote by which you can accelerate, brake, change speed, etc.
  • The wheels are made from premium materials to provide more grip and stability to the rider.
Three modes for speedThe charging process can take a lot of time
11 layered composite deck
Strong grip wheels

6. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor- Best Budget-friendly

If you’re low on budget but still want a high-quality skateboard with a heavy-duty motor, then you must consider the Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard. Regardless of its budget-friendly price, you still have acceptable results with a speed of 18.6 MPH and a high load capacity. However, you won’t get the optimum outcomes when this skateboard is used on steeper hills.

Key Features

  • It features a U-shaped design with seven layers of maple wood, providing it with extreme sturdiness.
  • A dual brushless hub motor powers this model to give you a streamlined motion.
  • The boosted board can last for 13 miles with a speed of 18.6 MPH on a single charge.
  • There are four ride and four brake modes that are exclusively available only in Hiboy’s skateboards.
  • With the ergonomic and wireless remote, you can easily control the movements of your skateboard with much ease.
Retains flex incrediblyThe hill-climbing skills are not that impressive
Sturdy construction quality
Different ride and brake modes

7. Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard- Best Power

For those individuals opting for a skateboard with super speed and is highly reliable, Meepo V3 is undoubtedly the one to consider. Not only the company offers a six-month warranty on their skateboarders, but it also struggles for the continuous up-gradation of their skateboards. This product provides the best value for money as it has a heavy-duty motor that can get you from 0 to 19 MPH in just 4.5 seconds.

Key Features

  • The upgraded motor of this model can get you from 0 to 19 MPH in just 4.5 seconds.
  • The board is water-resistant and moisture and dust-proof with the complete electronics sealing with glue.
  • It has been constructed using seven layers of Canadian Maple that provide this board with natural flexibility.
  • It has a huge load capacity of 300 lbs so that no matter what your weight is, it won’t be a problem.
  • It comes with an M4 Remote, skateboard tools, charger, stickers, DC cable, and a USB cable for the remote.
Smooth skateboarding experienceDoesn’t have a good range
Authorized by MEEPO skateboard

8. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote- Best Stability

The Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard isn’t that fast compared to other models but is still extremely easy to use and handle so that it will be a fun ride every time. It comes with a flexible deck made of high-grade materials so that your board will last for years. In addition, it provides excellent stability thanks to its deck that can flex. However, it won’t do you any good if you use it on steep hills.

Key Features

  • This model has been enhanced with upgraded materials and high-tech features, making it highly stable while accelerating.
  • The high-powered hub motor always provides streamlined results with a top speed of 12.4 MPH and can travel 6.2-9 miles in a single charge.
  • You get four rides and four brake modes which is the specialty of Hiboy electric skateboards.
  • The wireless remote is ergonomic and allows you to control everything with great precision and ease.
Much upgraded version of electric skateboardsNot suitable for hills
Enhanced high-quality construction
Wireless ergonomic remote control

Some More Options you May Need to Consider…

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard with Remote- Best Portable

The Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard is hands down, one of the best portable and mini skateboards in the market with high power and a nice range. This board can not only be used as an electric skateboarder but also manually when you feel like swaying on the board by yourself. In addition, its load capacity of 300 pounds makes it ideal for all age groups.

Key Features

  • The mini portable design of this electric skateboard has a functional kicktail, providing you best riding experience.
  • The deck has been constructed using a 7 ply Canadian Maple Deck and has a concave shape.
  • It has been infused with front-end protection technology and a perfect board width to give you a comfortable ride.
  • Its battery has a range of 11 miles, which is more than enough standard skateboarders.
  • It comes with accessories including a remote, skateboarder tools, charger, stickers, DC cable, and a USB cable for the remote.
High-quality deck and wheelsNot a good speed
Dual heavy-duty motors
High-capacity battery

Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard- Best Lightweight

The Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard has all you’d need in an ideal model as it’s lightweight, heavy-duty, durable, and even budget-friendly. It’s available in the market with two options; one with a single 600 watts battery while the other having dual batteries containing the same power. The overall construction quality is quite durable and with high-grade deck materials and large wheels while not much to dislike.


Product Dimensions31 x 10.6 x 5 inches
Item Weight13.6 Pounds
Load Capacity176 Pounds
MaterialDeck fiber, glass fiber
Battery36v, lithium-ion
Max Speed20-24 MPH

Key Features

  • This model weighs only 12 pounds, making it one of the best lightweight models in the market.
  • The deck is made from nylon fiber and glass fiber composite material, improving the impact resistance up to 90%.
  • It has been equipped with dual 600W motors, providing more torque and less noise.
  • It consists of a high capacity, lithium battery which results in better acceleration.
  • The enhanced glue-filling technology of ESC makes this board water-proof.
Easier to rideRiding on rough surfaces might be uncomfortable
Suitable for all age groups
Comes with many accessories

What to look for before buying a skateboard for under 500$?

When you purchase the best skateboards under $500, you must keep in mind certain factors that are essential and helpful in the future.

Brand reliability:

Many people are much more concerned about the brand reliability of electric skateboards. So when you are purchasing an electric skateboard, then it must be of a high-class brand.

Quality of the electric skateboard:

The quality of the electric skateboard matters a lot, as the high-quality electric skateboard will last longer. The low-quality electric skateboard will become problematic for you where you have to change the tires or motor so often.

Design of Electric Skateboard:

Many people are design-conscious while purchasing electric skateboards. So if you are one of them, you must keep in mind the attractive electric skateboard while purchasing.

Many people like stylish electric skateboards, whereas some people look for quality rather than design.

Specifications of e-Skateboard:

You must keep in mind the specifications of the electric skateboard while purchasing. If you are an adult, you must buy a skateboard with a broader platform, and if you are a kid, you can buy a small-sized electric skateboard.

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Features of E-Electric skateboard:

An excellent electric skateboard has all the possible features in it which you require.

For example, an excellent electric skateboard has good quality tires, has a good range and speed.

It must also have a high-power electric skateboard as well as water-resistant or waterproof. The electric skateboard must have a remote control to control the speed while riding.

Things to keep in mind before buying 500 electric skateboard

You must keep in mind certain factors before buying the electric skateboard for under 500 dollars. While considering these factors will help you a lot in the long run regarding electric skateboards.

Range and speed:

As we all know that these are electric skateboards, so they are powered by a battery. Therefore they will travel a particular range of distance on a full charge.

So you must purchase that electric skateboard which has a better range and speed. When the range of the skateboard is higher, it will cover more distance, and similarly is the case with the speed of the skateboard.

The speed limit of the electric skateboard must be more significant, but keep in mind that it also depends on who is going to ride on the skateboard.

The professionals can choose the high speed, but you must go for low speed if you are a beginner.

Power of skateboard:

The power of the skateboard is significant, especially when you are living in hilly areas. So the skateboard must have enough power to climb the hills.

However, if you are thinking of purchasing an electric skateboard, it must be the best fit for all road conditions.

Tires of E-skateboard:

The tires of the electric skateboard are also essential. If the tires are of good quality, they will give you a smooth ride and increase your stability. Mainly many products of electric skateboards use urethane wheels, which are highly recommended.


As you have to take the electric skateboard on the roads, there may be water on it. So you must purchase that electric skateboard which must be water-resistant.

When you take out the electric skateboard in the rainy season or during winter, the motor and battery are protected because of the water-resistant feature of the electric skateboard.

If you want to go for higher protection, you must purchase a waterproof electric skateboard, which is much better than the water-resistant electric skateboard.

Remote control:

Typically, the electric skateboards come with a remote control where you can control the speed of the skateboard. The remote control is a handheld remote with which you can control certain things.


Q 1: Can we replace the battery of the electric skateboard?

Ans: Yes, we can replace the batteries, but you must keep in mind that you must get the new one from the same company. So you can contact the seller or the company to purchase the new batteries.

Q 2: Are the bearings and trucks of the electric skateboard replaceable?

Ans: Yes, you can easily replace the bearings and trucks of the electric skateboard. Also, you can get better ones, which are durable also.

But one thing you should keep in mind that they should be fit right with the Deck. Make sure that while changing these things, the performance of the skateboard must not be affected.

Q 3: Is the waterproof skateboard and the water-resistant skateboard the same?

Ans: No, they both are different as the rainwater, or any other water cannot enter the waterproof skateboard, but in the case of a water-resistant skateboard, only a tiny amount of water will resist joining it.

So, make sure that if your skateboard is waterproof, you can take it out in the rain, but you must not take out the water-resistant electric skateboard in the shower.

Q 4: Can kids ride the electric skateboard?

Ans: Yes, they can ride, but if they are beginners, you must give them a couple of rides on the regular board so that they can withstand and handle the higher speeds of the electric skateboards as these are dangerous for the youngsters.

Q 5: Are LED lights beneficial for the electric skateboard?

Ans: Yes, definitely, they are proved to be helpful for the riders in different ways. First of all, they can give a quick and easy-to-understand battery status. Also, the board is visible at night as well as they can light the small area around the skateboard to avoid immediate obstacles or accidents.


If we purchase the electric skateboard for under $500, you must not compromise on quality just because you are low on budget. Make sure you check out the specifications properly and make your decision accordingly. 

From the above electric skateboards, we have discussed that Teamgee H5 is a good choice as it gives you a maximum speed of 22 mph. BLITZART Tornado is also a high-quality electric skateboard whose top speed is 17 mph, and it is equipped with all the features you need in an electric skateboard.

All the above-discussed electric skateboards are excellent in terms of lithium-ion batteries. Now, it’s your choice which electric skateboard you will purchase according to your requirement.