Best Electric Skateboards Under $300 to buy in 2020

5 Best Electric Skateboard Under 300$ {2020 Top Picks}

With the passage of time and evolution of technology, the Electric Skateboards change a lot. Many companies came into the market producing Electric Skateboards.

Now many companies doing Trade between money and skateboards WITHOUT any now it has becoming really difficult to buy a good skateboard which must be durable and reliable.

Furthermore, if you have skills you can also use an electric skateboard as an offroad hoverboard.

Well, it’s really a little bit difficult to know the cheap and best electric skateboard, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

We studied various skateboard and conclude the best ones on the basis of

Over All Features

Best 5 top electric skateboard under 300$ you can buy in 2020


Sr NO.Electric SkateboardQuick Look
1Strailboard Electric Skateboard1.USB CHARGING
2.Three Riding Modes
2BLITZART Huracane 38"1.Ergonomic Remote
2.High Speed
33.Maxfind Max 21.Single & Dual Motor
2.Two Riding Modes
4Phoenix Ryders Mini1.Light Weight
2.Two Riding Modes
5BLITZART Tornado 38"1.Great Battery Performance
2.Great Speed

Now you will surely want to learn more about each product in detail. it’s pros cons.

so let’s talk about each electric skateboard so that we can more easily choose among them.

1.Strailboard Electric Skateboard

Strailboard Electric Skateboard

We Ranked it at first position due to following reasons.
  • Great Speed
  • Long Deck
  • Strong Deck

The amazing thing is, this electric skateboard is made up of 7 layers of Maple which make is lightweight, durable and can bear the weight up to 397 lbs.

This is not the end, the amazing 18650 capacity battery makes it a long life.

Another awesome feature is USB charging 🙂. I know you Just got Amazed with this feature as you can charge your skateboard easily anywhere you like.

And just imagine about next feature which is more than awesome, 3 Riding Modes.It means you can enjoy your skateboard as you like.some times you feel calm,you wants to relax your self.simply use your skateboard with slow speed.

 Strailboard have following speed modes 
  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Best for any age.
  • USB charging.
  • Three modes Riding. 
  • Do not ride incline or where no safety while controlling.
  • In case of battery fail you may need to rely on skating skills to stop.

2.BLITZART Huracane 38″  

On second position we have BLITZART Huracane,It is very interesting beast.


You will enjoy to Fly to your destination with style on long 38″ Electric Skateboard. On this beast, you can 7-8 miles with the speed of 17km/h when the battery is fully charged.

The Beautiful Ergonomic Remote makes it so easy to control and will love the control system of the Remote where you can easily handle the speed of you loving Electric Skateboard.

Moreover, the 350w Motor hub motor make is more reliable.


  • Ergonomic Remote.
  • Maple Wood and Bamboo Deck
  • Great speed
  • Preferable to older guys as have large size.


3.Maxfind Max 2 

Maxfind Max 2

The beautiful Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard comes with Dual & Single Motors.

With Maxfind you can jump uphills with the speed of 23 mph.

The amazing part is two riding modes which you can handle even without any experience.

 check it out, the battery, tires, and motherboard are replaceable which means you can upgrade your skateboard partner any time. 

Diamond cut in the Deck and back make it more beautiful.

Battery and Deck is completely Waterproof.


  • Waterproof.
  • Wireless Remote control.
  • Excellent Battery.
  • Not Preferable for Juniors.


4.Phoenix Ryders Mini


Phoenix Ryders Mini

The beautiful Phonix Ryders Mini specially designed for beginners and for you loving younger ones.

Even the beginner can fly this electric skateboard without any problem due to its small size.

More surprisingly your young ones can handle this skateboard with two riding modes, which are 10km/h and 20km/h.

Another awesome feature is it is light weighted i.e 7kg which means younger children can carry it easily.

Despite its Mini size, it is durable electric skateboard with 7 layers of northeast maple.

Most importantly the Remote Controller is designed with a ring to hold it with the finger so that there is very less chance of drooping of you loving skateboard. You can easily change riding modes, check brakes with fast responsive Remote controller.


  • Lightweight.
  • Best for beginners and younger.
  • Two riding modes.
  • Not Preferable for older.
  • Small in size.

5.BLITZART Tornado 38″

Our Ranked#5 Electric skateboard is BLITZART Tornado 38″. 

Fast fact:- we ranked it on 5th position it does not means it has fewer features or have some fault. But as we mentioned at the start we study some Skateboards and then decide the Rankings.

Surprisingly with this beast, you can fly in the streets with class with a speed of 17 MPH.

Don’t forget the class of Blitzart with Ergonomic Remote Controller which fit palm very perfectly so that you can easily control the speed of your beast. Moreover, it comes with a wrist strap which helps to prevent a drop.

This is not ending, Here are more awesome features of Blitzart Tornado. This beast is very durable with 7 plies of maple 2 layers of bamboo on the bottom of the board. Amazingly due to such durability, it can handle up to 300 lbs weight.


  • 350W Motor.
  • Durable and long Deck.
  • Great range and speed.
  • 36v,4.0 Ah Lithium Battery.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • preferable for advance level.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to know BLITZART Tornado 38″ Electric skateboard more. Is this skateboard fit for a backpack? and how about its battery charging time?

    However, your article is very nice and helpful. Thank you!

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