5 Best Arbor Longboard Review & Guide

As we all know, skateboarding and longboarding are exciting and interesting sports for beginners as well as experts.

It does not matter what your skill level but Arbor longboards are made for you to do interesting tricks on the road. Similar to the Ten Toes Longboard the Arbor is also available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles.

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If you are in hurry let’s quickly jump into the quick overview of the best arbor skateboards.

Durable & StylishArbor Fish Bamboo Complete LongboardDurable & StylishArbor Fish Bamboo Complete Longboard10*10*40 inchesEase of MovementArbor Sucrose InitativeBamboo collectionCheck On Amazon
Nice designNice designSkateboard Arbor Longboard24 x 8.6 x 37.5 inchesEase of MovementEco-friendly water-basedPremium wood top.Check On Amazon
Best for Tricksarbor-zeppelin-longboardBest for TricksArbor Zeppelin Longboard38 x 9 42 x 9.25 inchesEase of MovementDecks are producedLifetime to useCheck On Amazon
Best in controlarbor-catalyst-longboardBest in controlArbor catalyst longboardWater-based sanding sealer9.13 inchesHighly durableCheck On Amazon

Arbor longboards are the most renowned and premier company in the field of skateboards and longboards.

If you want the Arbor longboard then you are at the right place because they are giving you exceptional quality construction as well as great maneuverability on the deck.

So what are you waiting for; you can get the Arbor longboard and have the best riding experience that you will don’t ever have.

Keep this thing in mind Arbor is a great company for making snowboards, skateboards, as well as longboards.

They are famous for producing amazing and fantastic products for over 20 years.

There are many electric skateboards available in the market which you can buy for under 300$ to enjoy your free time.

1-Arbor fish longboard

Arbor fish longboard is compact which makes your journey more enjoyable.

The good thing about this longboard is that it is environmentally friendly as well as has sustainable materials in its construction.

The manufacturers also ensure the use of by-products in the manufacturing of other products. That’s why it is environmentally friendly as well as a sturdy longboard.

fish longboard arbor

Most surprisingly, it comes with an extended wheelbase and great flats which makes this longboard ideal for going all around in the town or city.

Along with commuting, the longboard is also used for performing different tricks such as carving and turning around.

If we talked about the deck of this longboard then it is made up of seven maple plies of high-quality hard rock maple.


Along with the maple, the longboard is also made with a carbonized bamboo top sheet.

So we can say that the Arbor fish longboard is made for different riding styles, have a great deck shape, as well as have a great medium concave.

Pros and Cons  Arbor fish longboard


  • Easy to maneuver and steer
  • Great ride with high-quality trucks
  • A good-looking longboard
  • More fun and more engaging to ride


  • Some people are not happy with the white trucks, it all depends on your choice. Overall it is a good Arbor longboard.

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2-Arbor mission longboard

Arbor mission longboard has the shape of a swallowtail with an extended concave profile.

It has a long wheelbase which is ideal for performing different tricks such as mellow downhill, cruising, and carving. The deck of this longboard is made up of 7 maple plies with a premium wood top.

There is high-quality wood used in the construction of the deck of the longboard. The manufacturers get this wooden material from a reliable source of supply.

arbor mission longboard

However, they also claim to use the by-products of this longboard in other products.

So we can say that it is an eco-friendly longboard with all the other features required in Arbor longboards.

The wheels of this longboard are also of high quality as well as ABEC 5 bearings are used in the construction of the longboard.


So if you want that longboard does not get any shock then you are at the right place.

This longboard is so sturdy that it is included in the category of shock absorber longboards.

Pros and Cons Arbor mission longboard


  • Allowed to perform tricks easily
  • Easily turn the Arbor longboard
  • Good for beginners and Advanced Riders
  • Evenly distribute the weight on the longboard


  • Not stronger to bear hard tricks

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3-Arbor zeppelin longboard

Arbor zeppelin longboard is famous for its comfortable and stable. Fortunately, the longboard is favorable for beginners as well as expert-level riders.

Now, you can easily ride on any type of road or pavement because of the great flex of the longboard.

The good thing about this longboard is that the wheels are very soft which allows you to perform amazing tricks such as carving and crafting.

arbor zeppelin longboard

There are premium components used in the construction of these longboards such as high-quality street trucks, dragon stainless steel hardware, dragon bearings, and fireball scorch wheels.

Just like the other longboards, it is also made up of 7 plies of maple which will give you a consistent and stable flux pattern.


So we can say that the deck of this longboard is durable and sturdy to give you a comfortable and stable ride.

Pros and Cons Arbor zeppelin longboard


  • Stronger and comfortable longboard
  • Has a stainless steel Hardware
  • Environment-friendly
  • Beautiful and stylish deck


  • A little noisy but obviously all longboards produce some sound

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4-Arbor catalyst longboard

Arbor catalyst longboard is specially made for performing technical freestyling.

It is because it has an advanced drop and comes with a modern shape. It is a good size longboard so that you can ride easily on it.

The wheelbase of this longboard is also great which is 27 inches.

So any size person can use this longboard to perform different tricks as well as use it for commuting.

arbor catalyst longboard

The deck of the longboard is made up of eight maple plies which are high-quality wooden material that comes from a good source of supply.

The manufacturers also claim the use the wooden by-products to be used in the construction of other products.

The deck of this longboard is eco-friendly and has water-based sanding sealers.

The trucks of the longboard are also of high quality which is 180 mm trucks.


However, the wheels are 70mm 78A wheels available in different colors. You can choose the wheel color of this Arbor longboard according to your choice.

Pros and Cons Arbor catalyst longboard


  • Highly durable
  • Long life and great for beginners
  • Water-based sanding sealers
  • Perfect for outdoor use


  • Some people do not like the wheel color but it depends on your choice.

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5-Arbor longboard wheels

Arbor longboard wheels are made for hybrid riders as well as for beginners so that they can enjoy A grade cruising experience.

The wheels are famous for having an amazing and symmetrical lip profile.

The height of these wheels is medium so you will get a quick acceleration without losing the roll speed.

arbor longboard wheels

Now, you will be able to perform a wide range of performances such as cruising and carving when you are using these wheels on your longboard.

The wheels do give you great fun around the city.

Moreover, the wheels are also made for taking your longboard even on the rough roads which might come your way.

So it does not matter which type of surface you are going, but still, they will give you a smooth ride because of the soft and creepy formula of the wheels.

Pros and Cons Arbor longboard wheels


  • Quick acceleration and roll speed
  • Good for commuting
  • Clear Wheels can be seen at the night
  • High-quality and durable


  • The packing is not very good.

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What to look for selecting an Arbor longboard review?     

You have to look for certain factors before purchasing the Arbor longboard such as riding style, budget, design, materials, etc.

Riding styles:

As we all know that different people have different riding styles. Usually, there are 4 riding styles in the field of longboarding such as freestyle, cruising, free riding, and downhill riding.

However, normally Arbor longboards are usually made for general cruising as well as they are perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters.

Arbor skateboards are famous for giving you smooth riding, skating, as well as transporting. They are best for simple rides to take you from one place to another.

Deck material:

Deck material is also very important before purchasing the Arbor longboards as they come in different material finishes.

Arbor longboards are available in different materials such as maple, carbon fiber, bamboo, etc. Arbor longboards are usually lightweight as well as easy to skate.

They are also portable so you can carry them from one place to another. So the material of Arbor longboards is perfect for carving and cruising.

The flexibility of the longboard:

The flex level is very significant when purchasing the best Arbor longboard. When you have a soft flex of your skateboard then it will give you excellent shock absorption, especially during landing.

However, they are somewhat unstable for high speeds.

If there is medium flexibility then it will be helpful in maintaining the speed stability as well as adding a spring feeling to the board.

But, overall all the flexibility of the longboard gives you an axle and excellent shock Absorption.

Design of the longboard:

Many people are more concerned about the overall appearance and design of the skateboard but from my point of view, should make this factor a second priority.

Although design matters a lot but first of all you should look for other factors before purchasing the Arbor longboard.


Before selecting the best Arbor longboard for you, you must consider whether you want a kicktail in the longboard or not.

Keep this thing in mind very clearly if you want to perform different types of stunts and tricks then you must purchase that longboard that has a kicktail.

The reason is that it is very easy to perform these types of tricks when you have a kicktail.

What’s bad about Arbor?    

There are a few reasons people have questions about Arbor longboards.

Bearings could be better:

Normally, the Arbor longboards come with ABEC 5 bearings. However, the quality of bearings could be better but they are more likely to give you a much nice roll speed and therefore you can become a good rider when using Arbor longboards.

Lack of downhill and freeride options:

Although Arbor has more intentions of producing different cruises, there is a small choice for those people who are intermediate riders as well as want to do the more extreme styles of riding.

Different riders want to do racing and go downhill. So if we talk about the longboard of the Arbor then Arbor downhill boards are usually made up of maple construction.

It means that they are not as reliable and durable as the longboards from other companies. But keep this thing in mind all longboards are made up of durable materials and production techniques.

Many Arbor longboards are made up of  maple:

As I also discussed earlier, many Arbor longboards are made up of maple construction so they are more prone to chipping and denting with the passage of time.

Maple longboards are also heavier and hard to carry around.

On the other hand, if the longboard is made up of bamboo, carbon fiber, or other construction then it is more responsive than the maple longboards.

Is Arbor a good longboard brand?

Arbor longboards are very famous and popular and are considered to be the most renowned and recognized brand in the field of longboards.

The good thing about Arbor longboard is that they have done justice to their reputation by producing amazing longboards.

You can perform different types of tricks with the help of Arbor longboard as they are sturdy, reliable, and of high quality.

Is it easy to ride on a longboard?

Yes, it is easy to ride on the longboard because they will give you an amazingly smooth experience of riding.

The reason is that the longboards are reliable, sturdy as well as made up of high-quality material.

However, if you are a beginner then you must learn how to ride on the longboard.

On the other hand, skateboards are very small in size and have smaller wheels as they are designed to perform tricks and accelerate much faster.

Is longboarding good exercise?

Yes, longboarding is considered to be a great exercise as longboarding is good for your mind and heart.

Then you will experience getting fresh air and a clear mind. Moreover, you will also lose calories while performing different tricks on the longboard.

Can longboarding lose weight?

As you all know that longboarding is an enjoyable game and if you are thinking of losing weight then it will be helpful in losing those unwanted bits.

After an hour of skating, you will lose 300 to 400 calories and this is a good approach to losing weight. So if you are skating every day, then ultimately you will be burning almost 2000 to 3000 calories in a week.


Arbor company is famous for producing creative designs as well as high-quality and sturdy longboards.

You can see many popular skateboards of all shapes and sizes in the market. These longboards are perfect for all kinds of riders whether beginners or experts.

The company is very dedicated to providing high-quality longboards such as Arbor fish Bamboo complete longboard and Arbor zeppelin longboard. Both are good ones because they reflect the creativity and artistry to have the best longboard experience.

However, from my point of view, I like Arbor fish bamboo complete longboard because it is a good size longboard as well as has ABEC5 bearings.

Moreover, the deck of the longboard is sturdy and solid to give you a comfortable and smooth riding experience.