All terrain Electric Skateboards

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Are you from one of the guys who love to ride a skateboard or Longboard off-road?

The primary purpose of these types of electric skateboards is that you can ride on these electric boards on any type of surfaces such as grass, hills, etc.

The good thing about an off-road electric skateboard is that it comes with powerful Motors, which can take you to the highest speed that the traditional board cannot and also maintain the level of comfort you want.

In this article, we will describe the top and high quality all-terrain electric skateboards from which you can choose according to your choice.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to choose a high quality all-Terrain electric skateboard, which has all the features you want. But we will try our best to give you all the detailed information about these electric skateboards.

What is an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

If you want to drive on a paved street and a variety of terrain, then an off-road electric skateboard is a good choice. They are the motorized skateboards that are designed for this purpose.

There is not much difference between the off-road electric skateboard and Street skateboards.

The Deck, Wheels, Desing, and battery of All-terrain Skateboards and longboards are specially designed so that we can easily ride them on any type of terrain.

But keep this thing in mind that off-road electric skateboards are the dangerous ones because of their high speed.

Normally, would not recommend using the off-road electric skateboard for kids who are under 13 years old.

Furthermore, it also important to follow safety measures like skateboard helmets, skateboard clothes, gloves, etc.


Atom 95X MountainBoard

Atom 95X MountainBoard
  • Dimensions: 43.0x15.0x9.0
  • High Speed: 22 mph
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
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Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

  • Dimensions: 38 x 11 x 5.8 inches
  • High Speed: 22 mph 
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
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Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard
  • Dimensions: 11 x 29.5 x 5.7 in
  • High Speed: Up to 20 mph
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
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MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

  • Dimensions: 11 x 47 x 21 inches
  • High Speed: 22 mph
  • Battery: 14 Ah battery system
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MBS All-Terrain Longboard

  • Dimensions: 39.25 x 11.50 x 7.00 Inches
  • High Speed: 22 mph
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
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Atom 90 MountainBoard

Atom 90 MountainBoard
  • Dimensions: 36.6 x 16.3 x 6.3 inches
  • High Speed: 22 mph
  • Battery: 90 Lithium-ion battery
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Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard
  • Dimensions: 39 x 9.5 x 7.8 inches 
  • High Speed: 22 mph
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
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Actually, Offroad electric skateboards are used as personal transporting devices. They are fitted with the help of a belt-driven motor.

You can control the off-road electric skateboard with the Bluetooth handheld device. So when you are thinking of purchasing the off-road electric skateboard, you must keep in mind what they are and how they are used.

1.Atom 95X MountainBoard

Atom 9X is a mountain board that is actually made for riding on all types of surfaces. This skateboard has special wheels and trucks so that you can also go for off-road trips.

This is the good thing about the off-road electric skateboard, which comes with a built-in braking System so that riders can control the speed of the skateboard, especially when they are going downhill.

Best Qualities of Atom 95X MountainBoard

Ideal for beginners to intermediate riders:

This is an amazing skateboard, which is ideal for beginners as well as intermediate riders. The beginners can go for sports of Mountain boarding and can excel to the next level.

Atom 95X MountainBoard

Its weight is only 15.5 pounds, so it is a lightweight board that gives you lightweight riding off-road.

If you use this skateboard on the road, then it will give you an extra smooth ride, which will just make your mind a soothing place.

Made like a snowboard:

The construction of the board is made like a snowboard so that you can glide it on the grassy as well as the dirt slopes.

Also, the skateboard has a built-in braking system and special binding for feet, thus giving the rider full grip while riding. With this Braking System, you can go down steep hills with a wonderful experience.

Features of Atom 95X MountainBoard

  • Atom 95 X is a recreational mountain board.
  • The skateboard has a powerful all-terrain skate truck, 8 inches Diamond red tire tri-spoke hub, and F1 bindings.
  • Its weight is 15.5 pounds.
  • The deck of the skateboard is made up of maple laminate with a beautiful printed design.
  • The tires of this off-road skateboard are durable and high quality.
  • The deck has PHT graphic material and 46 grit Aluminium oxide grip tape.

Atom 95x Mountainboard video

Specifications of Atom 95X MountainBoard

  • Skateboard Type: Mountainboard
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • deck Construction: Maple
  • deck Stiffness: Stiff
  • Graphic Material: PHT
  • Grip Tape: 46 Grit – Alum. Oxide
  • deck Tip Angle: 20
  • Truck Color: Matte Aluminum – MBS Print
  • Tire Type: Diamond
  • Tire Color: Black
  • Binding Type: F1

Pro & Cons of Atom 95X MountainBoard

  • An amazing all Terrain electric skateboard
  • Flat tires and grip tape.
  • Skateboard is a strong sturdy
  • Light in weight.
  • The deck is made up of Maple laminate.
  • An ideal mountain board for the hilly areas.
  • It is very hard to turn from side to side.
  • A good skateboard but not of very high quality.

2.Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

Similar to Ten Toes longboard the Boosted 2nd generation is a very efficient electric skateboard that is equipped with incredible speed. It is a lightweight skateboard so that you can carry it anywhere you want.

Now, you will have an amazing riding experience because of the smooth braking and powerful electric motors.

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

With the help of the skateboard, you can even climb the steep hills without breaking a sweat.

As it is a regenerative Braking System, you can apply the brakes to manage your speed downhill.

As you can increase the speed during the ride while you can also maintain perfect control.

Best Qualities of Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

Built to last:

This is an amazing off-road electric skateboard with a boosted board. Now you can withstand the demands of daily riding even on the rough areas with an amazing boosted board.

Remote control:

Now, you can only control your skateboard with the help of a high-performance Bluetooth enabled remote.

With the help of this Braking System, you can do fast acceleration as well as quick braking during the ride.

It is also travel-friendly with the standard battery for 6 miles of range. It also has an extended battery for 12 miles of range.

Specifications of Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

  • Model: Boosted Board 2nd Gen Dual+
  • Motor: Dual drive belt motor
  • Battery range: Up to 11 KM
  • Motor power: 2000 Watts
  • Deck: Bamboo
  • Wheels: 80 mm Orangatang Kegel
  • Braking system: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Hill grade: 25 %
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Weight: 6,7 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

Boosted Boards Boosted Dual+ Video Review

Features of Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard

It is an excellent skateboard which has a powerful 2000 watt electric motor.

Now with the help of this skateboard, you can reach the maximum speed of 20 mph because of the powerful motor.

  • It usually takes 2 hours to charge the skateboard.
  • The deck of this board is made up of bamboo, which makes it more sturdy.
  • The standard range battery of this skateboard is 6 to 7 miles.
  • As it is lightweight and portable so that you can carry it anywhere you want.
  • It has a powerful regenerative braking system with 25% grade hill climbing.
  • The board is equipped with extra traction grip tape.

Pro & Cons of Boosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric Skateboard


  • Boosted second-generation skateboard
  • Made up of powerful Motors.
  • A reliable off-road electric skateboard.
  • A portable skateboard
  • Well-designed controller
  • Speedy skateboard


  • It is a somewhat costly skateboard.
  • This skateboard has stock tires that are not suitable for off-road use.
  • Ground clearance is only decent in the skateboard.

3.Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X is an amazing off-road electric skateboard that shows the fastest speed and acceleration.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

As we also discuss the top speed of the skateboard, which is 22 mph, so that you can go on any surface such as the beach or the forest with this high-speed skateboard.

If we talk about its range, then it gives you high performance with a greater range.

Best Qualities of Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

New deck design:

It comes with a new classy deck design, which gives a new look to the skateboard. 

One thing which makes it different from other skateboard is that it is wrapped in fiberglass for a smooth and refined ride.

Smooth ride:

As it gives you a top speed of 20 mph, but still it is giving you a smooth ride similar to Arbor Longboard. You will also remain stable during the ride.

It has the ability to get you to the 14 miles of range. Now, you can climb anything, especially on the hills with ease, and gives you a reliable ride with full control over the acceleration and braking.

High quality and reliable wheels:

The wheels of the skateboard are of high quality as well as sturdy, so they give you a smooth and faster ride.

However, they are strong enough to handle any road imperfections. Also, when you go on the simple road, then it can give you the smoothest ride Ever.

Features of Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X electric skateboard is a very stylish one that is black with beautiful grey tires.

The top speed of this skateboard is 20 mph, which gives you the fastest speed at any surface.

  • The wheels give you smoother riding, whether you are riding on the beach or in a forest.
  • The battery range of the skateboard is amazing, which gives you 3 miles of the ride. The charging time of the battery is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • This skateboard has a deep-dish composite back, which keeps you locked in.
  • This is the best off-road electric skateboard, which gives you three ride modes.
  • The brakes of the skateboard are regenerative brakes which have a power of 1000 Watts.

Specifications of Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

  • Item Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Hill Climbing: Up to 20% Grade
  • Ride Modes: 3 Ride Modes for Beginners
  • Power: 1,000 Watts
  • Brakes: Regenerative Brakes
  • deck: Deep Dish Composite deck
  • Wheels: Boosted Lunar 80mm

Boosted Mini X: first ride + impressions!

Pro & Cons of Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard


  • Smoother and faster ride
  • Full control over the ride
  • Now climbing is easier with skateboard
  • Small and mighty deck
  • Regenerative Braking System
  • 1000 Watts power
  • Three rides mode


  • Poor reliability
  • Rattling noise while riding
  • Very rough ride giving the bumps

4.MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

Moto Tech 1600 comes with dual Motors. These are the two separate motors. One motor is present on each rear wheels.

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

The main purpose of these motors at the rear wheels is that prevents the board from twisting during acceleration.

Best Qualities of MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

Large tires for better control:

This skateboard comes with larger tires, which are actually the treaded tires so that you can have better control and grip on almost any surface even on the beach.

With the help of the skateboard, you can enjoy skateboarding and can have the fun of snowboarding, surfing, and other types of sports.

Handheld remote control:

Now, you can control your skateboard with the help of a handheld remote control with a variable throttle. So you can control it using a wireless system. It means that you can control your skateboard whether you want to make it fast or slow.

Features of MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

MotoTec 1600W Dirt board is made up of high quality and reliable materials.

The deck of this skateboard is made up of real wood, which is specially designed for trucks and spring bushings.

  • You can also check the battery of your skateboard with the help of an easy to read the on-board LED battery life indicator.
  • It is an amazing skateboard with high performance and power.
  • Now, you can control the speed from fast to slow or slow to fast using a wireless handheld remote control.
  • It is also equipped with an integrated Anti Lock Braking System so you can stop safely.
  • The riding time of the skateboard is 60 to 90 minutes, with a maximum speed of 22 mph.
  • It usually takes 3 to 5 hours to fully charge.
  • The good thing about the Mototec skateboard is that it has two dual Motors that are present under each of the front two wheels.

Specificaitons of MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

  • Brand: MotoTec
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Motor: 1600 Watts
  • Drive System: Belt driven
  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Charge Time: 3 – 5 hours.
  • Brakes: Integrated anti-lock braking system
  • Weight: 71 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity: 260 lbs
  • Warranty: 30-day

MotoTec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard DUAL MOTOR

Pro & Cons of MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard


  • An affordable skateboard.
  • Powerful Motors at each of the rear wheels.
  • Quality materials used in its construction.
  • Solid riding experience


  • Skateboard is too heavy.
  • Turning, take some clearances.

5.MBS All-Terrain Longboard

We can actually call the skateboard a mountain board because it is specially designed for going Downhill.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

They come with a built-in Braking System, which is a very good thing for this mountain board. You can easily do sliding with an MBS longboard due to its special design.

But now the manufacturers had made certain changes, and now we can call it full fledge mountain board as well as the longboard.

Best Qualities of MBS All-Terrain Longboard

Deck of MBS all-terrain longboard:

When we look at its picture, then people might think that it is made up of metal, but when people see it actually, then it is made up of wood.

On this skateboard, there is laminated maple painted stain of black color. This drop deck design, gives increased stability to the riders, especially at high speed.

Wheels of MBS:

As I also discuss earlier that the deck of the skateboard is made up of standard maple. However, the navigator drone truck can be found on other longboards. The wheels of the MBS longboard has a unique design. It has 100 mm in diameter and 65 mm wide.

High-speed All-terrain electric Skateboard:

This skateboard is an incredible one giving you high speed as well as also fit for off-road riding. It has a durable deck as well as large size wheels. Due to the large size wheels, the deck still stands higher from the ground.

When the height of the deck is greater than, ultimately, it will cause a low center of gravity.

So when it has a low center of gravity, it helps maintain stability at high speed. So it is favorable to use for high speed as well as off riding trips.

Features of MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS all-Terrain longboard is an amazing skateboard that has heavy-duty wheels.

  • These wheels are high rebound urethane wheels, which give you the perfect balance at any surface.
  • The skateboard is equipped with rubber shielded ABEC nine bearings.
  • The good thing about MBS is that you do not have to assemble it. It comes in a completely assembled form.
  • It gives you the guaranteed procedure while riding with the help of 190 mm navigator drone trucks.
  • That deck is made up of sturdy maple, which gives your center of gravity is lower for pushing and off-roading.

Specifications of MBS All-Terrain Longboard

  • Brand: MBS
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Item Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Deck: Maple
  • Overall Weight: 4.8kg
  • Axle Diameter: 8mm
  • Skateboard Type: Longboard
  • Assembly: Assembled
  • Exact Color: Black

Best All Terrain Longboard, MBS All Terrain

Pro & Cons of MBS All-Terrain Longboard


  • Gives you a smooth ride
  • Ideal for street riding
  • Speed skateboard
  • Large size wheels for rolling over anything
  • Easier carving with skateboard
  • Easy to get up to small Hills
  • Raised ends of the board for good foot Positioning


  • The grip tape is not durable

6.Atom 90 MountainBoard

It is an amazing off-road skateboard that is suitable for the newbies as well as the adults. We can also call it a recreational skateboard for recreational mountain board.

Atom 90 MountainBoard

It is famous for its versatile features and has all-terrain skate trucks.

You can easily control it because of the stability of the skateboard. Also, the F1 binding is amazing, which is suitable for teenagers as well as for adults.

Best Qualities of Atom 90 MountainBoard


The Wheels of the skateboard are big in size, where the diameter of each wheel is 8 inches. These wheels consist of the diamond tread. Because of the Diamond tread, you can have the unparalleled grip which you get over the ground.

The weight of the skateboard is only 14.9 Pounds so that you can take it anywhere for any outdoor trips.

Excellent stability:

The deck of the skateboard is made up of laminated maple, which reduces wear and tear. You will get excellent stability on atom 90 because of the tri-spoke hub. So you can easily control the skateboard because of the large size wheels and durable Maple deck.

Grip tape:

The grip tape is made up of 46-grade Aluminium oxide, which helps the rider to have full control of the skateboard.

You will also be happy because the orange bushing suspension adds 4.3 pounds of deck weight. Eid also serves as the ideal mountain board for entry-level enthusiasts.

Features of Atom 90 MountainBoard

Adam 90 Mountainboard is he’s an amazing recreational mountain board.It has a beautiful design with large size wheels.

  • This longboard has all-terrain skate trucks as well as F1 binding for biting the feet. It is it for that other small feet.
  • This skateboard has 8 inches diamonds tread tire with try spoke Hub and Maple laminate deck.
  • The size is the tires are 18 inches with orange bushings expansion.
  • This is pacifically made for Mountain riding, especially for entry-level enthusiasts.
  • It has a maple laminate deck, which is made up of PHT graphic material.

Specifications of Atom 90 MountainBoard

  • Overall Weight: 6.8 kg
  • deck Stiffness: Stiff
  • deck Tip Angle: 20
  • Truck Type: ATS
  • Truck Material: Die-Cast Alum.
  • Hanger and Base: Cromoly axle
  • Truck Color: Matte Aluminum – MBS Print
  • Grab-Handle: Compatible
  • Brake Compatible: Yes
  • Brake Included: No

Atom 95x Mountainboard video

Pro & Cons of Atom 90 MountainBoard


  • High-quality Maple deck
  • A great skateboard for beginners budget-friendly
  • Orange bushing suspension
  • Are recreational skateboard
  • Lightweight skateboard


  • Does not accelerate easier

7.Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

Atom is one of the best All-Terrain Longboard, and it is one of the popular electric skateboards. They are very speedy and also stable due to their nice deck design.

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

So you can use the off-road electric skateboard on all types of surfaces, whether it is simple roads or any type of surface such as beaches, deserts, mountains, hills, etc.

Best Qualities of Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

Atom longboard is an amazing skateboard that is perfect for off-road trips as well as road trips. It is famous for giving a super smooth ride on the road because of its design.

Now, you can easily cross the pavement to offroad and back again. The deck is made up of maple wood, which is a durable material.

High-quality Wheels:

The wheel of the skateboard is of high quality. They are designed for all types of terrain, thus serve as a multifunctional object.

So as I discussed above, these wheels are designed to use the skateboard for the smooth roads as well as the off-roads because of these high-quality wheels.

The wheels are made up of urethane material, which is considered to be the number one material in wheels. The diameter of the wheel is 100 mm x 65 mm.

Deck bearings and grip tape:

The deck of the skateboard is made up of a sturdy maple lamp drop. As the deck is at a certain height from the wheels and thus gives you a smooth ride.

When the deck is at a certain height from the wheels, then it gives you a low center of gravity for pushing and off-roading. If we talk about its bearings, then it is made up of rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings.

These bearings give you a high speed as they are fully lubricated. The grip tape is made up of super course 46 grit-off road grip.

Features of Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

  • Atom longboard is black, orange, and brown color all-terrain longboard.
  • The wheel of this longboard is durable, which can face impact. This is because the wheels are actually the urethane wheels so that you get a perfect blend of on-road speed and off-road traction.
  • The center of gravity remains low for pushing and off-roading because of the sturdy maple deck.
  • It has rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings, which give you high speed during the ride.
  • The grip tape of the longboard is amazing, which gives you a safe trip during off-road riding.

Specifications of Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

  • Rider Style: Offroad Longboarding
  • Overall Weight: 4.8 kg
  • deck Construction: Maple
  • deck Stiffness: Stiff
  • Graphic Material: PHT
  • Grip Tape: 46 Grit
  • Truck Type: Navigator Drone
  • Truck Material: Die-Cast Alum
  • Base Angle: 50 Degrees
  • Wheel Color: Green
  • Brake Compatible: No
  • Assembly: Fully Assembled

atom all-terrain longboard

Pro & Cons of Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard


  • High-quality urethane wheels
  • Reverse kingpin truck
  • A more stable electric skateboard
  • Rubber Shield ABEC 9 bearings
  • Bearings are lubricated
  • Strong off-road electric skateboard
  • Grade 8 Kingpins


  • Unable to perform tricks due to heavier trucks.

Comparison Table of All Terrain electric Skateboards

NameAtom 95X Mountain BoardBoosted 2nd Gen Dual Electric SkateboardBoosted Mini X Electric SkateboardMotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric SkateboardMBS All-Terrain LongboardAtom 90 MountainBoardAtom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard
Top Speed22 mph 22 mph Up to 20 mph22 mph22 mph22 mph22 mph
Dimensions43x15x9.038 x 11 x 5.811 x 29.5 x 5.711 x 47 x 2139.25 x 11.50 x 739 x 9.5 x 7.839 x 9.5 x 7.8
BatteryLithim ion batteyLithium-ion BatteryLithium-ion Battery14 ah battery systemLithium-ion batteryLithium-ion batteryLithium-ion battery
Motor power250 Watts2000 Watts1,000 Watts1600 watts1000 Watts300 WattsPowerful
Range6 to 7 miles14 Miles10 miles10 miles
DeckMaple LaminateBambooDeep Dish CompositeReal woodlaminated Maplelaminated MapleMaple
WheelsDiamond80 mm Orangatang KegelBoosted Lunar 80mmTreaded tires
Urethane wheelsDiamond treadUrethane wheels
15 pounds16.8 pounds77 pounds5.9 pounds6.8 kg4.8 kg

What to Look for in an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

First of all, you must think that why you are purchasing the off-road electric skateboard. What is the purpose of buying this skateboard, whether you are using it for moving around or sporting activities?

Price of all-terrain electric skateboard:

If you are an expert skateboard rider and can use the off-road electric skateboard with scales, then the first thing which you should keep in your mind is its price.

It must fit into your budget as these types of electric skateboards are costly. Make sure that if it is a costly electric skateboard, then it must have high-quality products in it.

Speed of off-road skateboard:

As we all know that off-road skateboards are very speed. Therefore when you are purchasing this skateboard, then you must have knowledge about its speed limit.

The battery life of an Electric Skateboard:

Battery life is very important to consider while buying skateboards. So you must consider the number of miles, it has the capacity to run. Keep this thing in mind that the battery life range is different in electric mountain boards.

Charging hours of all-terrain electric skateboard:

These types of skateboards have charged based features. So you must keep in mind the charging time frame while purchasing the off-road electric skateboard.

Make sure that these electric skateboards must have a higher charging speed so that you get the time of using them.

Weight and weight limit of skateboard:

As when you are purchasing the skateboards, there is always mention of the weight and weight limit of the skateboard. It must have the capacity to hold even the heavy person.

There is mention of the weight limit on every skateboard. So you must not exceed this limit provided for a skateboard so that it does not get damaged.

Durability and sturdiness:

Electric skateboard must be durable and sturdy in which you must also ensure that you do not exceed the weight limit. Sturdiness is very important while keeping your balance all the time.

Safety concerns of electric skateboard:

As you are riding off-road’s with the help of these electric skateboards, you must keep in mind the safety concerns.

Protective gear:

You must wear protective gear such as helmet, gloves, knee, and elbow pads while riding on the all-terrain electric skateboard. The protective gear is very important in protecting our skin as well as the brain.

The motor system of all-terrain skateboard:

In this type of electric skateboard, the board has a hub motor, which is a fully geared motor system.

The good thing about the gear motor system is that it has better brake power and has high torque properties. This is very important for climbing hilly platforms.

Advantages of off-road electric skateboards

The main advantage of all-Terrain electric skateboard is that you can use this skateboard on a variety of surfaces. Now, you will have many options of places to ride.

  • Not only can you use this skateboard for urban use, but you can also go to the countryside with full satisfaction of skateboarding.
  • Now you have the freedom to drive anywhere you would like. This can be possible only with the help of these electric skateboards.
  • It is possible for the riders to ride on the rough Asphalt as well as the gravel path.
  • You can also ride on the grassland, beach, or dirt tracks.
  • Most amazingly, you can use these electric skateboards through the forest trails as well as in the hilly areas and mountainous regions.
  • The good thing about an all-terrain electric skateboard is that you can ride on the off-road as well as it will give you a smoother ride on the normal payment or normal roads.
  • This is the only reason people want this type of electric skateboard in which they can change from the sidewalk to the normal roads as well as riding over the rails and then to the pavement.
  • So, you can use these boards in the city as well as in the countryside changing from off-road to the road or from the road to the off-road.

Disadvantages of off-road electric skateboards

There are some of the disadvantages of the off-road and all-terrain electric skateboard.

  • First of all, there are many electric skateboards that are heavy, and it is difficult for the rider to ride on this type of electric skateboard.
  • The second one is the size of this electric skateboard. You can see many skateboards that are big in size and as wells as bulky.
  • These skateboards also have reduced range due to the drug of Pneumatic tires.
  • The top speed in these types of the skateboard is less because of the drag of the pneumatic tires.

All-terrain electric skateboard kit

If you dont wants to buy expensive electric skateboard, then you can change your simple skateboard into an electric skateboard with the help of an electric skateboard conversion kit.

In the market, there are many electric skateboard conversion kit, but you should go for reliable and reputable electric skateboard kits.

As we all know that electric skateboards are very popular all over the world, so many people are thinking of making their own electric skateboards with the help of these conversion kits.

The main purpose of purchasing this electric skateboard kit is that it is much of a cost-saving than buying the complete board.

The other purpose of purchasing this kit is that you can customize it yourself by purchasing the things of your choice.

So it is the easiest and cheapest option to purchase the kit rather than purchasing the most expensive complete board.

Sometimes, you are a beginner, and you do not cope up with the high-speed skateboard. So, you must go for the kit rather than the whole electric skateboard.

You can now upgrade to a more powerful motor or a more efficient battery, which can give you a longer riding time on a single charge.

Also, keep this thing in mind that the motor and the battery size are appropriate according to your board.

If you live in the hilly area, then you can purchase the more powerful motor so that it can help you carry you up the hills.

FAQs related to off-road electric skateboard

Are all Terrain electric skateboards waterproof?

There are many all-terrain electric skateboards that are waterproof; however, some of the skateboards are indeed not waterproof.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

It does not indicate that you should not drive it along wet surfaces. You can use it on wet surfaces as it will not cause any malfunction or damage to the board.

But one thing you must keep in mind that if your off-road electric skateboard is not waterproof, you should not submerge it into the water.

Can I use the off-road electric skateboard on a beach?

Yes, you can use an off-road electric skateboard on the beach. It is made up of a high-power motor, which is not just confined to the regular smooth surfaces. You can use the off-road electric skateboard on any surface.

How can I maintain my all Terrain electric skateboard?

First of all, you must pay attention to the cleaning of your electric skateboard. After any off-road adventure, you must clean the dirt from it. This thing will increase the durability of your electric skateboard.

However, it is recommended to clean the skateboard with dry clothing unless or until there is a need to clean it with a wet cloth. But do not make it a habit as it will decrease the durability of the Offroad electric skateboard.

Atom 90 MountainBoard

If you do not have any knowledge of disassembling or reassembling, then do not do it yourself.

You must also avoid messing with the initial setup because it will cause damage. If you have any problem regarding your skateboard, then you must contact customer service so that they can solve your problem.

How to ride safely on an off-road electric skateboard?

The first thing which is necessary while riding safely on the road, an electric skateboard, is to always wear your helmet. You must also wear additional protective gear such as gloves, knee, and elbow pads.

You must also practice and master your board’s Braking System. Keep this thing in mind that your batteries are charged, and you know about your skill level how you can maintain safely riding on an all-terrain electric skateboard.

You must wear good shoes according to your riding surface and also know the path on which you will make an adventure.

What is the difference between the regular and off-road electric skateboard?

The off-road or all-terrain electric skateboards are more powerful and durable. However, the basic difference in both the skateboard is the wheels. The off-road skateboard can ride on all surfaces like grass, dirt, or gravel as the Off-road word indicate.

Atom 95X MountainBoard

The Wheels of these types of electric skateboards are bigger and durable so they can run on all types of surfaces. However, the regular electric skateboards will only run on smooth surfaces such as roads or pavements.

Keep this thing in mind that if you are a first-time rider, then you must not go for any of the skateboards. Instead, you should use a regular skateboard to become an expert in riding skills.


Now you can flick smoothly with the help of all-terrain skateboards, and they are also good in terms of safety.

If you are thinking of purchasing the best electric skateboard, then you must go for those which have high-quality materials used in its construction as well as could do with smart Technology.

All-Terrain electric skateboard is better than the simple electric skateboard because you can use these skateboard on a variety of surfaces including beaches, desserts as well as in the jungle.

The good thing about these skateboards is that you can also use it on simple roads and with a super smooth ride. This thing attracts me a lot about the all-terrain electric skateboard.

In this article, we have presented you with the 7 top products of skateboards from which you can choose according to your choice and convenience. If you want to get my opinion about the above-mentioned skateboards, then from my point of view atom longboard atom all-terrain longboard is a good choice.

First of all, it comes with an almost 5-star rating. Secondly, people are much more amazed because of its stable deck as well as heavy-duty wheels. The deck is made up of sturdy maple lam drop, which keeps the center of gravity low for pushing and off-roading.

On the second number, I suggest MBS all-terrain longboard because it is in a completely assembled form well as it has heavy-duty wheels for keeping the low center of gravity. It has rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings, which makes it superior to other skateboards.

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