Best All Terrain Skateboards In 2020

There are reports that up to 11 million people from different regions have supported the idea that skateboarding is a fun and leisure activity that most people would want to keep doing and encourage others to experience it too.

Such a vast pool of skateboarders who have integrated the simple skateboarding plan into something far more adventurous and exciting are into all-terrain skateboards of 2020

Although the all-terrain skateboards have gained popularity in the current year too, you might still not be fully aware of its perks. Thanks to the innovation by the companies offering all-terrain skateboards in 2020 this whole class of skateboarding has leveled up.

The growth of social media and other digital space channels have provided a platform to skaters to share their unique skills and tricks over the web with other enthusiasts around the globe. This has proved to level up the bar for the fun factor of 2020’s best skateboarding experience.

Numerous reasons are going for one of the all-terrain skateboards in 2020 can be the best decision you make even if you are just a rookie looking into buying your first high end or professional category skateboarding deck.

The thing most people need to understand is that longboards are not just for urban areas. If you want to take a short cut through the forest, then your board should not stop you from doing so. Having the right kind of skateboard can make the experience a whole lot more fun and convenient at the same time.

What do all-terrain skateboards mean?

Over a period of decades, not only the number of people into skateboarding has increased, but the way of skateboarding has gradually changed too. You might see people using a skateboard as a commute during their college days, while others might be enjoying the same in a skateboarding park.

Furthermore, there is an impressive number of people out there who are into performing tricks with their skating decks let it be on the streets or the skating park with an interesting structure of ramps. The reason many people can be seen performing tricks on the busy roads and downtown areas is that they are trying to stand out by doing the kind of trick that has never been done before.

This mentality has given birth to the offerings of all-terrain skateboards in 2020, which broadens the area where they could be used. All-terrain skateboards also offer more room to perform tricks and take one’s skating experience to new horizons.

An all-terrain skateboard has the capacity to be used unlike the ordinary skateboards available in the market. It allows the user to skate on the rough, bumpy terrains too.

Taking your skateboard along while going on a trek to the mountainous range is no longer useless. Being worried about the path you take while on the streets would be of your books if you have a skating deck purposely built for all terrains. These boards offer more comfort with a better handling experience due to their different built structure.

How is an all-terrain skateboard different from the others available in the market?

A different set of wheels:

If you ever try skating with your standard skateboard on uneven ground, this will give you a good idea of why these colorful wheels made of polymer and high-quality plastic mixtures are good but still not good enough.

There are good chances that using the regular radius wheels leads to a bumpy ride with great difficulty in maintaining balance, let alone the thought of enjoying that ride and you’re more likely to take a spill from smaller bumps in the road.

For the purpose of enduring beaten paths and offering a smooth ride, heavy-duty wheels are being used in the all-terrain skateboards. This is to ensure an off-road skateboarding experience that can handle the uneven terrain while still allowing you to maintain a proper balance

The significant difference is that they offer wider diameters for all-terrain wheels; they come in the same material as the ordinary skateboard wheels, which is urethane.

But due to their different diameter, if one sticks with something made from the less hard outer surface it balances off, the less acceleration caused due to the use of larger diameter wheels.

By using a set of wheels which ranges between 54mm and 60mm in diameter and a durometer hardness between 78a and 92a premises a smooth skating experience.

Even if you ride down the rough, cracked up sidewalks in your town, furthermore it allows you to get technical at the other crusty back alley spot you have been eyeing up. Some of the renowned companies for off-road or all-terrain wheels are shark wheels, OJ wheels, and spitfire charges.

The plus of Durability:

This is not wrong that skateboards being offered under the not all-terrain category are designed to handle tricks and rough spills and are fairly durable as a result too. But on the contrary, the offerings of all-terrain skateboards of 2020 are purpose-built to bare and accommodate everything from tricks to climbing steeper hills that have a rough surface.

If the idea of changing the wheels of your current skateboard to the all-terrain wheels just popped in your mind, you might want to consider a few factors first. Even though it is possible to transform a standard electric longboard or skateboard into an all-terrain skateboard with the right upgrades, a board built to go off-road is more likely to give you better results and last a longer life span too.

As the all-terrain skateboards are usually longboards or electric ones, making it possible to cover larger distances. Apart from that their truck size varies along with their built design. It’s more of an all-purpose skateboard that comes with some of the best options currently available in the market.

The plus of Motor with your skateboard:

The most significant difference amongst the ordinary skateboards and the purpose-built all-terrain skateboards is that the latter is usually equipped with an electrical motor. The extra power allows you to take your skateboard places where most longboards and skateboards are unable to go and keeps you moving over rougher ground.

All-terrain skateboards of 2020 to choose from

Evolve – Bamboo GT is one of the strong contenders in the market of all-terrain skateboards leading in the current year. It has features to stand out from the regular skateboards as it allows you to cover a distance of up to 12 miles in one charging cycle.

It comes with a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour. They are known for performance on all types of surfaces and terrains as they come with larger wheels made of durable material.

Then other options provide more liberty, such as the Yecoo GTS skateboard. That is not only powered by an electrical motor but comes with two types of wheels. If you want a designated kind of use for the skateboard and the liberty to keep switching according to your need.

This is the skateboard you should get your hands on as the 6-inch off-road wheel is made of non-inflatable silicone tires, which do not need to worry about puncture and repair. Soft silica gel material feels comfortable for cycling. A high elastic PU wheel with a diameter of 83mm can provide a better shock-absorbing effect at high speed.

This is just the start there are many other good companies offering skateboards for all-terrain. Mainly they all provide a strong built quality, but some offer aluminum made decks instead of the conventional maple wood decks while others focus on giving more extended range battery packs or more wear and tear-resistant wheels with their skateboards.

In case you are hunting for an affordable skateboard that will help you develop your skills in different terrain? There is a product for such customers in the market offered by Atom longboards as 95X Mountain Board. This is a perfect starter pack due to the great affordability and clutches for a better grip over the skateboarding deck.

Apart from that this skateboard is of excellent quality, making it one of the most preferred around the globe. The tires are large and robust enough to make you enjoy the smoothest rides in your leisure time, going to work, or even attending your classes.

The bottom line

My share of wisdom with the readers would be too diverse their buying options for a skateboard. Even if you are not currently looking into using your skateboard on different terrains, you should still consider going for one. There is nothing terrible in raising the bar of options available to you in the future as you climb on the ladder of the skateboarding world. So its good to be prepared for what is ahead to go further than most of the people out there.


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