A Beginner Guide to Skateboarding 2022

This is an art only a few can master to adapt hobbies that have a lasting benefit on one’s life and their lifestyle too. Here we will discuss the best Guide to Skateboarding.From skateboard clothing to skateboard shoes everything is necessary to keep in mind for best skating experience.

Skating is one of the sports that have a lot more to it than just falling under the category of a sport you could be doing. Skateboarding equates to a freedom that cannot be understood by a person who has never tasted it. It is more of a following that integrates into your daily life, and most people never outgrow it due to the fun and perks it brings.

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The origin of skateboarding isn’t much farfetched, but it has covered a long distance in a short time in comparison to other sport activities people often do for leisure. It is one of a kind activities that don’t come with an age restriction label on it.

skatebalord clothing

There is a constant growth in popularity of skating and people are pouring in rapidly to the league of street skaters to those playing in the tournaments organized around the globe.

Skateboarding can be witnessed pretty quickly if you look around you with the right sight. It is seen on TV, in movies, on the packing of kids’ food and the drinks mainly targeting youth and teenagers and all over the Internet too.

Skateboarding has a massive following as it involves two kinds of people, which are the spectators and participants both. 

Skaters have an audience from all walks of life that starts on a scale as small as the skating clubs of different skating parks or the residential areas to the high-level competitions being held around the globe featuring famous skaters from each region. They’re men and women, boys and girls. You might be a skateboarder, or you know a skateboarder.

There are good odds that you’ve stood on a skateboard within the last year even if you belong from any of the age group or working class of the society, and there are or have been people in your social circle that you know used to skate or still skate.

Many adults of the present time had spent their youth skateboarding as it was the era when the word for this sport was spreading around the streets with more and more people adding to its following each day.

A long-known fact is that skateboarding helps with anxiety a lot more than any other physical activity as it allows the liberty of having control while moving freely to let go of your worries. Another reason for it to gain traction is the interest it succeeds to develop amongst the children since their childhood years.

The fantasy of being rolling on board as you stand to enjoy the rush of adrenaline is something paralleled by other sporting activities that at the same time, are handy too. It helps the children with a head start of overcoming their fears at an early age, which paves a path going a long way on their journey of skateboarding.

Guide for skateboarding

There are numerous other reasons parents are encouraged to provide with the environment for such healthy sporting activity for their kids.

Another convincing reason is the presence of skaters all around. Even in the smallest towns and villages, you can find a few local youths working on their skateboarding skills. Skateboarding is big, and it’s here to stay.

  • Just a few reasons to begin skateboarding if you still haven’t:

o Rolling on anything is indeed a pleasant feeling, and the best part is that it is somewhat addictive to many people. Skateboards are not easy to roll on, and many people are stubborn enough to keep trying it till they are proficient.

o These good Skateboards for kids allow those without drivers permit to travel longer distances with less effort. It makes the average trip to the store fun, and maybe you’ll love making it to school on time even if you get late just like another day while leaving for school. Furthermore, it offers the freedom to move through the city faster, to explore new areas, and to be more in touch with your surroundings.

o Another primary reason for promotion kids skateboards is that the other kids around you are skating. Since nowadays there are different skateboard sizes available along with the option of getting a custom skateboard according to the requirement.

These kids around the school look like they are having fun, and the group of kids is “cool” – Some people find the variety of ccs skate the most attractive part. You are part of something if you skate, and that feels good.

Let us take a look on where to start if you want to indulge your kids in the world of skateboarding and let them learn passively form their leisure activity by stepping on a beginners skateboard for kids that might lead to an electric skateboard for kids or eventually a need for a pro skateboard for the kids as there are skating parks available in most of the significant cities unlike the need to only skate in the streets in order to have fun.

A child going to a skate spot might not know other children in the area, but there are high chances that quite soon a relationship is born due to the mutual interest in skateboarding.

This means your kids are doubtful to face the problem of not having friends in their childhood and being bothered by this very annoying thing. There are cool skateboards for kids that push kids to limits they’d thought they could never see.

And having an affordable amazon skateboard will allow them to perform the repetition of falling over and over again to make that one land and roll away compares to life’s triumphs.

In a bigger picture, it prepares kids for the very fact that when life gets rough and has you down, you have to get up and try again. Overall skateboarding and all that comes with it is life-changing if you let it while you can start with a skateboard for kids at Wal-Mart and as your child learns along the way you can make them switch to best skateboard decks available in the market. And if you don’t skate, be a lot cooler if you did.

What size skateboard should I get?

A key element for complete skateboard knowledge is to know the right size to get for all the right reasons. There are skateboard brands, offering a range of sizes in the new age skateboards. The selection criteria for the right sized skateboard highly depend on the learning to skateboard as each individual might have different targets and goals set that they want to achieve in the manner of their skating capabilities and hobby.

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind and thought adequately in order to make the right size decision. Mainly for the kid’s skateboard, it’s just the length that matters in the initial stages, and it suffices for a starter.

But the width of the skateboard determines it’s adaptability to the kind of use you need it for. The wider the width means more stability at higher speeds as it has more deck space to have a firm placement of feet and allows the tilting movement too.

There are no ideal sizes as people into street skating mainly prefer a width of 7.25″ as it provides more movement in the sharper turns and the narrow track availability while rolling it down a busy street. But on the other hand, it is said that anything between 7″ to up to 8.25″ promises a stable experience to its user.

The length doesn’t have much of an effect, but its length selection should be determined according to the skating style you prefer. The average skating deck ranges from 28-33 inches in length, as the shorter decks are preferred by the skaters from a younger age group. These small skateboards for kids are also known as minis. It’s good to note that the length of a skateboarding deck does not affect you unless you want to experiment with longboarding.

  • Good to know for the beginners:

There are a skateboard nose and skateboard tail too. These are not measured separately, but there is a trick to identify them to differentiate between both. The nose is usually wider in shape in comparison to the tail while the tail has a sharp angle, unlike the nose. Width of the nose assists the skater while performing flips better and also making it easy to guide the skateboard in the direction you wish to go.

Another critical factor in determining the skating experience on a skateboard is the bearing it has been fitted with as it determines how smooth your ride will be.

In general, the good company’s offerings one of the best skateboards have high quality a closely worked and engineered bearings as the use of bad or poor quality bearings make it very hard to ride the skateboard. A simple test to see how good or bad your bearings are is to spin the wheels and see how long it takes for them to stop.