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July 18, 2019
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First of all, we are going to discuss some properties of a good backpack before jumping into a guide for buying a backpack.

Do you know? Selecting a good backpack for your electric skateboard is really a might happen that you buy a  backpack but it does not fit for your skateboard.

So before buying a backpack you must know the dimension of your skateboard.

Do you know? The backpack you buy for your electric skateboard must be waterproof so that it remains safe in heavy rain even?

Ever Noticed? A good backpack fit into body nicely so that even if you are walking for hours it does not give any type of harm or pain.

What if ? Your backpack have some extra features like,USB Charging,Water bottle area,hand free plugin.

All above features make a backpack more usable.

Now let’s get busy in search of Best Electric skateboard backpack

Are you ready to learn about best electric backpack?

So let’s jump into it.

we have collected the best backpacks for an electric skateboard on the basis of customer reviews, properties, etc.

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OK, Now we will Discuss each Electric skateboard backpack in detail so that it becomes more easy for you to select and buy.

1.Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack

Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack

Admit it the Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack is oversized Backpack that is best for your beast Electric skateboard.

Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack

Fast fact, You might not get such durable backpack other than this one.

  • Rubberized handle.
  • Interior Tech Pocket(Best for 15″ Laptop).
  • Durable and comfortable. 
  • Not Suitable for Younger children.

2.Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack

With Dual hook,dual zipper compartment and dual frond zipper pockets make Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack more usable.

Everest Griptape Skateboard Backpack

Believe me, If you wants to travel,hike the mountains this backpack is best for with skateboard compatibility.

  • Dual hook.
  • Shoulder Strap for more comfort.
  • Quality. 
  • Not very Good looking.

3.Hubro Designs – 20L Backpack with electric skateboard carry panel

The top accessory pocket for keys,wallet,mobile and two sides pocket for bottle make Hubro Boosted Board Longboard make it more best for use.


Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack

The Beautiful design of the backpack makes it more eye-catching.

Believe me, the long carry panel keep your electric skateboard secure while you take rest between your rides.

Another great feature is the long strap on the back to hold your electric skateboard.

At the bottom there is folded butt flap which prevent the backpack from damage and prevent the pant from rips and tears.

  • Pockets with soft lining.
  • Long and soft strap for holding skateboard.
  • Separate compartments for skateboard and for other extras like keys,mobiles etc. 
  • Small skateboard can not be fit due to long strap.

4.Maxfind Skateboard Handy Backpack

The Maxfind is the famous company that produce skateboards and its products like,decks,backpack,electric motor and more.

This backpack is purely designed for skateboards only.

But the best part is,it is durable and specially designed Backpack for your skateboard.

maxfind skateboard backpack

This is best for those who don’t like multiple purpose backpacks.

Maxfind backpack

Best feature of Maxfind Backpack as follows.

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All above features make it versatile and easy to use.

  • Interior pocket used for charging,holding remote,tools and other accessories.
  • Water Proof.
  • Detachable shoulder strip to hold in hand. 
  • Specially designed for Skateboards only.
  • Not multi purpose.

5.YYST Skateboard Shoulder Carrier Skateboard Backpack

Well we include this shoulder backpack into our list just because of it small size and special design.

It is best when you are don’t wants to carry a backpack but also wants to hold your skateboard.

You can easily roll up and put the in in your jacket pocket or  bag when not in use.

YYST Skateboard Shoulder

Almost all size skateboard can easily fit in due to its unique design.

yyst skatebaord backpack

  • Best for any size
  • Easy to use.
  • Almost it cover no Space or have weight but still can used to hold skateboard.
  • No compartment for holding accessories.

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